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Insane Labz Nightmare - Sleep Aid For The Hardcore Athlete! Deeper Sleep, Enhanced Recovery And Improved Mood And Performance!
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Deeper Sleep, Enhanced Recovery, and Improved Mood and Performance!


Nightmare brings five powerful ingredients together into one product, carefully blended to ensure your sleep is as deep as possible, while also prompting muscle growth. The team at Insane Labz have been making high quality supplements for quite some time now, and their expertise when it comes to blending new formulas is evident in this incredible sleep aid! If recovery and growth are goals of yours, Nightmare is for you!


What is Nightmare by Insane Labz?
Using powerful, studied ingredients, Insane Labz has crafted Nightmare to be an optimal addition to your pre bed routine, due to how it promotes REM sleep, and encourages a deeper stage of rest. This enhanced restfulness is a vital part of what makes Nightmare so effective, as this deeper stage of sleep also improves cognitive function upon waking. Combine that with the natural growth hormone boosting components, and you get one powerful sleep!

How does Nightmare Work?
With simple comes effective, and nowhere is this more evident than in Nightmare from Insane Labz. The five ingredients chosen for this sleep formula are all solid choices, and we love the fact they work together to be even stronger than the ingredients on their own! The GABA in particular is a great addition, as it is a vital neuroamine, regulating the sedative actions of the brain, and is absolutely critical for relaxation!


What are the benefits of Taking Nightmare by Insane Labz?
Deeper sleep
Enhanced recovery
Promotes muscle growth
Increases fat burning
Improves mood and performance


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  1. Quality
    Anything but nightmares when using this product. Working night shift and this product has been nothing short of amazing to help me relax and sleep
  2. Quality
    Best sleep aid ever! I've been struggling to close my eyes to go to sleep and this knocks me out fast. First time i took it, i was asleep for 12 hours straight! I felt so powerful when i went to the gym the next. This is a must buy and it tastes great!
  3. Quality
    I have only tried it twice so far. It did help me sleep but I did still wake up throughout the night frequently as I always do and I did experience a slight sleepy hangover from it the next morning. I tried a little over half a scoop the first time and a little over 3 quarters of a scoop the second time.
  4. Quality
    Best in class
    I've had insomnia since I was a teenager.
    Wound up taking Ambien for a long time & wasn't crazy about the side effects.
    Tried many many otc products & nightmare is, by far, the best of the bunch.
    Solid sleep... With no hangover effect.
    No need to increase dosage ever
  5. Quality
    Nightmare is an amazing product! Great flavor! The lemonade flavor actually tastes like the real thing. It puts you to sleep pretty quick. You get a great nights sleep and you wake up feeling refreshed. I will definitely be reordering!
  6. Quality
  7. Quality
    it works awesome

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