Inner Armour BCAA Peak

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Advanced Rapid Releasing Muscle Protein Synthesizer. 12:1:1 Ratio Leucine Loaded!

Advanced Rapid Releasing Muscle Protein Synthesizer!


BCAA PEAK contains a 12:1:1 ratio of branched-chain amino acids - including 6.2G of leucine, as well as 2.5G of L-Glutamine per serving. While all BCAAs play an important role in muscle growth, it is leucine that has been shown to play the most critical role in stimulating muscle protein synthesis through multiple mechanisms of action, including motor and P13K stimulation (protein synthesis regulators).

Switches on Anabolic Muscle Building

Leucine, which is a key regulator of both the mTOR and P13K muscle building pathways.

Reduces Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

Formulated with a specific 12:1:1 ratio of BCAAs and recovery amino Glutamine which both help to reduce post-workout muscle damage and quickly work to stimulate the recovery process.

Improves Workout Performance and Endurance

Essential BCAAs and Glutamine keep muscles in a positive nitrogen balance, ensuring a constant supply of available energy to hardworking muscles during each and every rep.

Speeds The Recovery Process

The anabolic recovery agent Glutamine helps increase the rate of protein synthesis and promote greater muscle building and a faster recovery.


Builds Lean Muscle
Helps Maintain a Leaner, Harder
Speeds the Recovery Process
Delays Muscle Fatigue
Switches on Anabolic Muscle Building
Enhances Endurance
Improves Performance
Reduces Post-Workout Muscle Soreness
Provides 6g of BCAAs
12:1:1 ratio of BCAAs
Delivers 6.2g of Anabolic Muscle
Activating Leucine
Provides 2.5g of Recovery Agent Glutamine
No Sugar or Carbs



Help support muscle building pathways and recovery. BCAAs are absorbed quickly and efficiently within 30 minutes of consumption.



Research shows that when glutamine is present, protein synthesis is active, lean muscle is increased and recovery time decreases.


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  1. Quality
    Love it
    Inner armour is great love the flavor, love the way i feel when it is in my system! Makes my workouts so much more!
  2. Quality
    the bomb
    great ratio of bcaa and great taste, i drink it while im working out.
  3. Quality
    Intra and post workout
    Been taking the watermelon flavor for about 3 weeks. Good product but not the best for me. Rather take the Gat or Blackstone resurgence with hype. I had a greater pump
  4. Quality
    Excellant BCAA
    Great tasting BCAA energy boost during workout. Highly recommend
  5. Quality
    works great
    i drink this during my workout at the gym i feel it gives me more energy then just drinking water plus it tastes great. This is my first time trying this and i gotta say it helps.
  6. Quality
    Best BCAAs
    Use before during and after workouts
  7. Quality
    Great Solid Supplement!! Buying Again!!
    REMEMBER: AM when you wake up Intra and Post!!
  8. Quality
    great stuff!
    A must for any stack.
  9. Quality
    Fountain of youth ..
    I am a 59 yr old male of 5' 10" 195 lbs - this product coupled with NO-Xplode has increased my endurance in my chest workouts as well as reduced post-soreness; I have also increased my deadlift to 500 lbs. and still climbing - great great product!
  10. Quality
    Great product
    This stuff is great helped increase my bench by 30lbs. Taste is good too. Helped recovery too so i wasnt sore after lifting.

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