HIT Supplements Performance Stack

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Your one-two-three punch for a pre+intra+post workout stack!

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NEW to the Store: HIT Supplements Performance Stack, 14 Servings!

Your one-two-three punch for a pre+intra+post workout stack!

It’s the Alpha and Omega of supplements. The beginning and end. HIT Igniter Extreme Pre Workout and Intra/Post workout Muscle Matrix. By combining quality ingredients like Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, Nitric Oxide, and a specifically designed vitamin and amino acid blend, Igniter gives you the fuel to go from Work Mode to Beast Mode.
Stack up with 14 servings of our Pre/Intra/Post blends
is an elite pre-workout for the serious athlete. Peak Perform features 3 of the most studied ingredients in the sports nutrition industry at clinically backed dosages; Peak ATP, BetaPower, and Carnosyn. By combining these three, highly effective, scientifically backed ingredients, we have created the most effective pre-workout on the market! This premium combination makes PEAK PERFORM the most beneficial supplement you can add to your pre workout regimen because it is clinically shown to give you more lean muscle mass, greater muscle excitability, improved endurance, increased blood flow and decreased recovery time. When you put the work into training your body, you want to be able to push harder, train longer, and consistently perform better. With PEAK PERFORM you will truly be able to achieve your peak performance!

Peak Perform Pre-workout with PEAK ATP

  • Boosts muscle excitability. Greater excitability = Greater force, velocity, and endurance properties within the muscle!
  • Increases total strength by over 140% = Ability to lift greater weight and produce a greater number of repetitions per set!
  • Increases lean body mass by 100%!
  • Increases power by up to 30%!
  • Improved endurance and increased fat oxidation

is the most advanced concentrated BCAA recovery blend on the market. By combining top quality, concentrated amounts of BCAA’S, Sustamine, HICA, and electrolytes, MUSCLE MATRIX gives you cutting edge recovery. Get better workout performance, improved endurance, and faster recovery. With these concentrated ingredients you will be able to get the most out of your training routine and recovery because you will get better absorption while using less! Sustamine is a dipeptide of glutamine that provides more than 200 percent better absorption than standard L-glutamine. MUSCLE MATRIX will help you kick your training up a notch by maintaining hydration, and feeding your muscles properly after exercise.

Muscle Matrix BCAA Blend

  • Improved muscle recovery and reduced soreness
  • Increased lean muscle mass and strenth
  • Maximize workout performance and better hydration.
  • Enhanced muscle protein synthesis
  • Improved endurance and increased fat oxidation

By taking Reform Matrix whether it is during your workout, throughout the day, or both, you can increase your ability to train harder and longer. By using our advanced amino acid and glutamine matrix together you will get the most effective combination of nutritional requirements ideal for faster recovery between sessions, greater performance gains, and better muscle growth. Whether you train to increase endurance, better your performance, or gain more muscle your body quickly depletes your glycogen storage and starts breaking down your muscle. When this happens, you reach failure faster and have shorter periods of activity. Glutamine is one of the most beneficial supplements you can add to your workout regimen because it is not only an essential part of the building blocks of protein and muscle growth, but it also stops the muscle breakdown that occurs after extended periods of stress during training. REFORM MATRIX helps to support the replacement of these much needed glycogen stores and gives you the needed longevity during training to reach the next level.

Reform Matrix Glutamine Blend

  • Highly effective bio-available Glutamine Matrix
  • Glutamine promotes muscle growth in conjunction with BCAAs
  • Slows the muscle breakdown that usually happens after an extended period of stress
  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • Improved immune support
  • Speeds recovery and recuperation
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