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Stamina-Rx Is The All-Natural Sexual Stimulant! Except It Is Totally Safe To Use! Maximum Sexual Stimulant-Works The Very First Time!

Maximum Sexual Stimulant-Works The Very First Time!

Stamina-Rx is the all-natural sexual stimulan, except it is totally safe to use. There is also no need for a prescription, since this is not a medication. This original formulation increases sexual stamina and arousal, quickly and safely. Made with only the highest grade of extracts and nutrients available, Stamina Rx is designed for maximum performance.

The formulation is truly unique since it combines two essential ingredients that are not found in any other medications of this type. These two proprietary components are:

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa which induces smooth muscle relaxation and increases arterial dilation and bloodflow.

Cnidium Monnier increases nitric oxide release while inhibiting PDE-5 which means sustained erections for longer periods of time. In addition, the following ingredients are part of this extremely effective formulation:

  • 1. Yohimbe 8% Extract this active constituent, increases blood flow to the penis and dramatically increases the sex drive.
  • 2. L-Arginine increases natural production of nitric oxide that will lead to a more rigid erections.
  • 3. Gamma Amino Butyric Acid increases the level of dopamine, that increases sensations during orgasms.
  • 4. Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) accelerates sex drive better than any other compound available.
Stamina Rx, Blue for Men

  1. Quality
    Rock Hard, Very Potent....
    This stuff is very effective and you will get rock hard and have increased sensitivity and explosive climaxes. One is enough, and take some TUMs and drink plenty of water because this will give you slight nausea, upset stomach and a bit of rapid heartbeat. If you take two, you will NOT sleep at all and feel very nauseated with chest pain, so start with one, preferably on a somewhat light or empty stomach. Takes an hour or so to take effect.
  2. Quality
    It's works GREAT take with food
    It's works great take it 2 hours before and I take mine with a full meal leave a tease in your mouth need gum are Candy but besides that u gone HAMMER whoever's there to take it for adleast a good hour easy are two , but it do give u hit flashes but have on a fan are ac u can attack like a porn star SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY
  3. Quality
    Great but be careful
    I did a mistake...I took 2 pills ... it worked great but I had stomach pain ..if it's your first time I suggest you take 1 pill only ...it will work .
  4. Quality
    Works but be careful
    I love everything HTP produces so when I discovered this I was very excited. Tried one pill for a solo session and was impressed with the results very reliable with mild side effect( upset stomach and restlessness). Was feeling dangerous one night and my wife and I took the full dose and wowser everything was taken to 11. But caveat emptor the full dose made us insomniacs for a night and gave us heat flashes and upset stomach. My opinion the full dose is only worth it when you really trying to impress if not just half dose with a little food. Takes an hour or two to take effect.
  5. Quality
    Love it
    Stamina RX will get u rock hard and u last a long time even two sometimes, three day with Strong ejaculation I love them.
  6. Quality
    Worked Great!
    Took only half dose because Ive had problems with dizziness and nausea with other products at full strength. Took it about 30-40 minutes in advance and the results were outstanding. This is my go to. been using it for years
  7. Quality
    drink lots
    I was on wellbutrin xl and took half of stamina rx. i had 3 male orgasms. when i take this pill, I usually take half only to reduce side effects, but still obtain massive orgasms. i mean toe curling, eye-rolling ejaculation and ending. i feel like i could do anyone with 2 legs when i take this.
  8. Quality
    this stuff is so awesome, they wont let these guys sell in stores... if you havent noticed. viagra is pissed...
    gave minus one star for the headaches at times, but worth that side effect for the big wood, get lots of compliments... if u know what i mean. gotta try it !
  9. Quality
    its ok
    took 2 did nothing i felt a little erection coming on but that was it. I will try 4 split 12 hours apart and see what it does.
  10. Quality
    it was good but could be better
    i thought it worked alright and was worth the money

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