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Revolutionary Joint And Cartilage Support System For Natural Joint Health!

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Revolutionary Joint And Cartilage Support System For Natural Joint Health!

Joint-Rx is the most comprehensive product on the market developed for supporting cartilage and joint function and was developed for those millions of Americans who suffer from pain, swelling and heat in their joints. Are you stiff when you move? Do your joints grind when they move? If so, Joint-Rx by Hi-Tech is just what you need. Hi- Tech has introduced a new defense series to help those seeking joint support and muscle pain management. Joint-Rx is for anyone who experiences muscle pain or joint discomfort due to a lifetime of overexertion. Joint-Rx was created as a safe and natural combination that can help you stay active and alleviate joint pain and damage.

Luckily, current research suggests that the biochemical process contributing to supporting cartilage and joint function can be reversed. The major goal in the research and development of Joint-Rx was to improve the repair process of collagen and regeneration of the connective tissue cells. Joint-Rx has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen, which is the protein portion of fibrous material that holds joints together. Joint-Rx also stimulates cartilage production, repairs damaged joints, and maintains the resiliency in both cartilage and joints.

In one of the more recent clinic trials done on the components in Joint-Rx, 252 patients took this amazing compound and showed significant improvement in joint mobility versus those on placebo. You may have tried other joint products in the past, but Joint-Rx is unlike any other "joint aid" on the market. In fact, some current therapies have been shown to cause the problem to worsen. For example, the side effects of Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory agents (NSAID's) are well know. They range from gastrointestinal upset to ulceration. They also inhibit the synthesis of cartilage while, simultaneously accelerating its destruction. Relieve pain and get back to a normal active lifestyle with Joint-Rx!

How does Joint-Rx differ from other joint formulas?

Joint-Rx is not just an ordinary Glucosamine/Chrondroitin product that you may see on store shelves. We have worked tirelessly with our pharmacologist, physician, and researchers to ensure Joint-Rx is light years ahead of its competition. We do include Glucosamine and chondroitin in Joint-Rx, but our material is unlike other brands. The Chondroitin Sulfate selected to go into Joint-Rx is 95% pure low molecular weight material, which is the same material selected by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for a major clinical study. This high purity/low molecular weight allows you to maintain comfort levels at a lower intake of tablets. Other chondroitin-containing products contain much less expensive, high molecular weight material that is poorly absorbed by the body. The Glucosamine HCL 99% material that goes into Joint-Rx is a special crystalline material that allows for better absorption within the body.

Joint-Rx really differs from all the other brands with technology into targeting areas of pain, inflammation, and joint structure.

Our tablets are "delayed release" tablets allowing all the components to have safe transport to the small intestines where the vital nutrient absorption takes place.

Joint-Rx contains a patent-pendingplant extract from phellodendron amurense called Nexrutine. This unique extract has anti-inflammatory properties for natural pain management. Its uniqueness lies in part on its ability to prevent the so-called "bad" COX-2 enzyme from causing inflammation without interfering with the "good" COX-1 enzyme that is necessary for keeping the stomach lining healthy. This component alone has a 72% overall level of effectiveness according to clinical studies. It has been shown to block 95% of COX-2 production. COX-2 is a critical part of the inflammatory process. With Joint-Rx inflammation is "shut off" at the source where inflammation takes place!

We have incorporated a "stable" source of S-Adenosylmethionine or S.A.M.E. Studies in Italy on 22,000 patients show this compound when "stable" to work as well if not better than any current treatments. At the end of the study patients using S.A.M.E. reported an 80% success rate on pain management. The latest study prepared by the United States Department of Health and Human Services via research conducted at UCLA and reported in January 2003 reported that S.A.M.E. was as effective as current therapy for joint function.

Joint-Rx has a proprietary combination of other anti inflammatory agents that with our "delayed release" tablets are easily absorbed in the body. Joint-Rx incorporates a Boswellia 65% extract. Turmeric 95% extract, MSM, and hops extract with Oleanolic Acid. Lastly, we have incorporated an agent called Naringen to help extend all the active components "half-life" within the body.

With this cutting-edge technology you can see why Joint-Rx is in a "league of its own" when it comes to supporting cartilage and joint function!

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