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Recovery Complex!

Recovery Complex!

Protocol will greatly enhance the beneficial muscle building effects of exercise by helping you go harder longer and recover quicker. Most users will notice a definite increase in muscle soreness in the first few weeks of proper preworkout supplementation due to an increase in muscle fiber work load. The synergy of the ingredients will aid greatly in recovery from training and users will be able to discern rapid changes in muscle mass and fat loss as Protocol accelerates your training to the next level.

Protocol Mechanisms of Action:

  • Activates mTOR
  • Supports muscle protein synthesis
  • Helps reduce muscle protein breakdown
  • Reduces muscle loss on hypocaloric diet
  • Supports muscle cell insulin sensitivity through multiple angles
  • Promotes a muscle building effect with our without insulin
  • Reduces markers of metabolic stress to exercise and speeds recovery from training
  • Supports androgen receptor density
  • Elevates IGF-1 levels
  • Increases Nitric Oxide synthesis
  • Inhibits Nitric Oxide breakdown
  • Enhances nutrient delivery to muscle cells
  • Buffers hydrogen ions
  • Increases muscular endurance
  • Allows for increased training volume and muscle fiber activation
  • Cell membrane protective
  • Neuro-protective
  • Supports healthy mood
  • May help support a healthy heart
  • Improves anaerobic glycolysis

Protocol FAQs

1. When should I take Protocol and do I need to cycle it?
Protocol should be dosed as 1-2 servings pre workout(or intra workout if you’d like). It should also be dosed on off days to allow for a saturating effect of COP. Protocol should be cycled like all other supplements but should be well tolerated and effective for extended durations (2 months+).

2. Why pre workout I thought the old Protocol was a post work out recovery aid?
Protocol is an amazing pre workout and can certainly be a great aid post workout but the idea timing is pre workout. The pre workout dose makes use of all the ingredients greatly like COP’s enhancements on endurance, agmatine’s support for pump and blood flow, LCLT’s protection of androgen receptors, and Leucine’s protection of muscle mass.

3. So I’m going to get sore the first few times but it’s a recovery aid?
A bit complicated I know, it comes down to the different ingredients doing different things. COP should increase the amount of total muscle fibers activated due to an increase in workload capacity so it’s like you’ve just begun training again for a few muscle fibers. Remember how sore you were when you first began or how you feel after a week off? You adapt to the added resistance and the other ingredients all aid in improving recovery so plateau’s can be considered a thing of the past.

4. Can I take more than one serving of Protocol per day?
Definitely, we recommend getting Protocol daily between 1-2 servings(2-4 scoops) to accelerate recovery and two servings of Protocol will even further enhance athletic performance over one. However, one will still do the trick, it really comes down to your personal preference.

5. Can females use Protocol?
Yes. Protocol only has an indirect effect on testosterone efficiency by supporting androgen receptor density in men, not by directly elevating testosterone so there is no concern for unfavorable hormonal elevation in women.

6. Is Protocol safe to stack with other supplements?
Protocol is safe to combine with just about anything. There may be some reduction in agmatine’s abilities when taken alongside an alpha 2 antagonist(like yohimbine) but spacing the doses apart should alleviate any issues.

7. What should I expect from Protocol and how quickly should I see results?
Users will see immediate results in gym performance and this alone will translate into greater gains in muscle or greater reductions in body fat. The accelerated recovery from Protocol Advanced will result in increases in lean body mass retention in a caloric deficit and support improvements in athletic performance. The whole product is designed to help you train harder, longer and recover faster bringing you closer to your goals with each workout. 

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