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Gaspari Nutrition Precision Protein

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Precision Protein - 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein For Supporting Muscle Growth! Embedded Enzyme Technology For Maximum Anabolic Response, Enhanced Bioavailability & Uptake Of BCAAs & EAAs!

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100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein For Supporting Muscle Growth!




Gaspari Nutrition is proud to announce, Precision Protein, a new breakthrough in whey protein performance. This innovative new  protein utilizes a proprietary process known as Embedded Enzyme Technology (EET). This new technology functions within a phospholipid matrix that releases Leucine and other amino acids early in the muscle synthesis process. While other methods randomly hydrolyze the protein, EET is engineered to selectively release Leucine peptides producing an increase in muscle synthesis and growth.

In Stage 1 of the hydrolysis, the water activity is limited so the enzyme action is suspended. When water is added to the protein,  Phase 2 begins by rapidly releasing more Leucine peptides increasing the body’s ability to  absorb amino acids.

Thanks to Embedded Enzyme Technology, Precision Protein has changed the protein game forever. With increased Leucine Peptides being released into your system, your rate of recovery, muscle growth, and athletic performance will be taken to entirely new levels, unlike any other protein on the market can provide.


Increased amounts of Leucine Peptides for Enhanced Anabolism!
Increased Hypertrophic Growth & Protein Synthesis!
Upregulation of the mTOR Signaling Muscle Building Pathway!
Enhanced Bioavailability & Uptake of BCAAs and EAAs!


Gaspari Nutrition represents the ultimate bridge between clinical science and real world results. Offering the most cutting edge and innovative ingredients & formulas available, Gaspari Nutrition gives you an advantage on the competition like nothing else can. This advantage begins with premium quality raw materials and extends into our unrivaled cGMP certified manufacturing facility. Once it is in your hands, you will have the most tested, tried and proven supplements to help you take your training and physique to the next level.


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  1. Quality
    Best protein i've ever taken
    Mixes really well and the cinnamon flavor is precision on. GASPARI is at it again.
  2. Quality
    Blueberry Muffin is on point
    I won some Blueberry Muffin Precision Protein samples and honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect. I used about 6oz of water and shook it up. My initial reaction was ... wow, this is actually really good and the consistency was smooth. I normally like to blend my protein so to have the smooth consistency from a shaker cup is a win for me. I really enjoyed the taste of blueberries with just enough taste of muffin to not become overbearing. There's 25g of protein, 2g total carbs, and 1g of sugar. Great job on this one Gaspari, your products are starting to win me over. If you haven't already, I suggest giving this protein a try.
  3. Quality
    Best Cinnamon Based Protein
    Reviews Gaspari Nutrition Precision Protein:

    I won two sample packets of one of the new Precision protein flavors, Cinnamon Cereal Crunch, on another forum, and I thought I would share my thoughts here. I do not have pictures, they were just sample packets. Also, I had this right after my workout, at the gym, and did not want to take a picture of this in the gym. That would have been awkward. And no, I am not one of those that thinks they need protein RIGHT after lifting, but since I am done with work for the summer, I have been walking to and from the gym. After training, I stretch and do some mobility work, then walk home, so it is about 45 give or take before I can eat. I bring a scoop of protein with my to drink right after lifting and prior to stretching and walking back home.


    Almost perfect. No foaming, but I did let it sit for a few minutes. I had a few clumps that stuck to the side, but no biggie. I think that was because I only used six ounces of water. I used so little because this is Hydrolyzed Whey Protein and is usually thin, but it mixed quite thick to my surprise. I enjoyed that since I like thicker protein shakes.


    Excellent, Low in fat and carbs and high in protein. 25 grams is on the higher end of the scale. Anyone can utilize this no matter their diet or goal.


    I'm not going to lie, when I was selected to try Precision protein, versus the blueberry, I was disappointed. I wanted to try the blueberry because my initial thought was this would be just like every other cinnamon based protein powder out there. I have enjoyed almost all that I have had, but I did not think this would stand out in any way and the name was more marketing than anything else.

    I was beyond surprised. I first sniffed the powder and got a flashback of my childhood. I could not put my finger on it though. I sniffed if a few more times and then finally poured the powder in the shaker. I was trying to think of what this reminded me, I was still at a loss. I was then sipping on it and it hit me, see the picture below.

    I did not get a cereal taste, for example, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but rather a richer and more creamy cinnamon flavor that was almost an exact replica of Cinnamon Teddy Grahams. Not only was the taste perfect, but it legitimately brought me back to a place in my childhood when I would sit at the lunch table in elementary school with my friends, eating these out of a snack bag.

    Bottom Line:

    If you like cinnamon, and I put it on everything, you need to buy this. This is easily the best cinnamon based protein powder I have tried. It has dethroned PES, albeit Snickerdoodle, as my favorite cinnamon based protein powder. It is more than just a cinnamon. It has just enough sweetness to it, is thick enough, and the macros are great. You will get a semi sweet, almost creamy, sugary taste of cinnamon, but not the spiciness associated with cinnamon. This is a homerun. If this was a whey/casein blend, this would always be in my stash. I like to leave ratings based off my personal beliefs, however, knocking off one point for it not being a blend would be unfair, especially since the general public could care less. Bravo, Gaspari. 10/10

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