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FINAFLEX Stimul8 - SHREDDING Pre-Workout! Endurance, Ripping Matrix & Unparalleled Energy! Stimul8 Engages The Body Into Extreme Thermogenesis While Preserving & Increasing Lean Muscle Mass!

SHREDDING Pre-Workout! Endurance, Ripping Matrix & Unparalleled Energy!


FINAFLEX STIMUL8 is an Ultimate Super Pre-Workout built for both men and women that STIMULATES your workout like never before! The tested and true STIMUL8 formula is powered by ingredients designed to provide you with the energy, strength, and endurance needed to take your workout to the next level! STIMUL8 built with IRISINXD, found only in FINAFLEX products, making the STIMUL8 formula like no other pre-workout on the market! STRIVE TO BE GREAT, DRINK STIMUL8!


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  1. Quality
    excellent but read the label!
    This is a heavy stim based pre workout. It also contains a thermogenic(?) blend. its also gonna elevate your heart rate so you sweat and keep moving. I cannot say this enough but start out with half a scoop. I like to workout on an empty stomach but for this ill eat something extremely light before hand. that being said this is an awesome pre and is heavy on the stims. I get a great sweat and i have a ton of energy. the focus is there and ive had some of my best workouts on this. if you get a chance i would recomend trying it.
  2. Quality
    I believe it's a great product
    I took this preworkout today after trying so many different ones. However, I didn't read the label at the top before taking it. "Start off with half a scoop." I took 1 1/4 scoops. After about 20 minutes I was squating more than usual and had insane energy. After about 45 minutes I was in the bathroom popping so much. I got extreme tunnel vision and got really cold and felt pretty shaky. I could tell that the product was still good but my fault for not reading the labels first.
  3. Quality
    This is the craziest pre workout there is.
    First buy it. Second buy 100 stimul8 at a time. Third don't stop. Fourth do it before it's too late. Fifth.... Repeat steps 1-4. This product Is by far worth more than its selling for. Do yourself the favor and buy it.
  4. Quality
    Great enegry and focus
    This is a great pre-workout. Awesome focus and energy. Also helps to suppress my appetite.

    Make sure to read the label and follow the directions. Start with a 1/2 scoop Or else you will end up having a bad experience.
  5. Quality
    Gives you strength
    Great product , gives you plenty of energy and I felt a lot stronger. My wife loves this product and I was skeptical at first , but after trying it I felt great. This product does make your heart race but in my opinion that is what you want to help burn off fat. Will keep on using this product.
  6. Quality
    Finaflex Stimul8
    I've taken many preworkouts of different strengths and this one made me feel terrible. I could barely get through my leg day, my entire body was shaking, heart racing, etc. I could not even lift my normal weights. Would not recommend unless you are extremely tolerant to high amounts of stimulant.
  7. Quality
    worst preworkout ever
    took this workout 45 minutes before workoutruind my workout. I have tried a few preworkout sups by far the worst. thought I was going to die. didn't get great pump or energy but felt my heart beating in my feet
  8. Quality
    tastes good but could be better
    Overall i really liked works fast and lasts for hours. just one lil side affect it kinda makes me feel like drowsy it kinda upsets my stomach.but i still keep yaking it bc it really does work.
  9. Quality
    Mixed Feelings
    I tried this product in the package deal. I tried it the first day combined with Finaflex Max Pump and Finaflex Pure Test. I had the worst feeling in my life post workout. It was flu-like symptoms. However I had a good workout. The next day I tried it without the Max Pump and had the same feeling. The second day I even tried a smaller dose. I had two co-worker try this as well and eve

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