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Mind Blowing Gains in Body Weight and Strength!

Mind Blowing Gains in Body Weight and Strength!

  • Lean Muscle Gains
  • Low Estrogen Conversion
  • Minimal Water Retention
  • Quicker Lean Muscle Growth
January 2005 was a sad month. It was that month when the supplement industry witnessed the death of the best natural legal hormonal products ever produced. I am talking about the 1-test / 1-AD family of supplements. They were legendary and now they were illegal. These "delta-ones" (as they were referred to) changed the entire legal hormone market. There was nothing like them before their introduction and there has been nothing like them since. "Delta-ones" included the original 1-AD's (1-androstenedione and 1-androstenediol) and the 1-test esters and ethers.

All the "delta-ones" worked pretty much the same way. 1-androstenedione, 1-androstenediol, and 1-testosterone each gave comparable results at equivalent dosages. They converted very well and were potent. Gains in body weight and strength were mind blowing and came on fast!

Now before you start tearing up in sentimental nostalgia there is something I have to tell you…there is still a 1-test precursor left uncontrolled by Uncle Sam! That's right. Uncle Sam got three of them but he failed to regard the fourth compound that rounds out the delta-one primary metabolic conversion loop.

FINAFLEX 1-ANDRO is the name

So yeah, thanks to the unique pharmacokinetics of the "delta-ones", and the oversight of government administrators, the spirit of 1-AD lives another day with FINAFLEX 1-ANDRO. FINAFLEX 1-ANDRO provides a full serving of 1-androsterone - plus a little extra per cap...a real dose for real results. Combine the 1-androsterone with Bergamottin (a high quality anabolic amplifier) and you have yourself an incredibly potent and more readily absorbable product...FINAFLEX 1-ANDRO.

How do you cycle FINAFLEX 1-ANDRO?

FINAFLEX 1-ANDRO should be taken just like the old 1-AD was. Users can see gains anywhere from one to six caps a day, but three caps is the usual dose for most guys. Cycles last from 2-6 weeks and should be followed by PCT.

  1. Quality
    Would use again!
    I bought this wanting something to boost my performance in the gym. I found that taking two pills in the morning with my meal works for me. Prior to taking this product I was hitting a wall in all my workouts and not being able to increase the weight. But after about a week of taking this product I found myself lifting more weight in all my workouts. I noticed a change in my energy level and incr
  2. Quality
    Really works. A1 has the best price I found for this product too.
  3. Quality
    LIKE A BOSS!!!
    Finaflex 1-AD is the last of the good stuff. It dosnt compare to P6 Black Extreme but you cant get that stuff anymore so I would say it is the second best;o) Thanks Redefine oh yea my gains went through the roof I went from 179lbs last month to 201 today on the last pill!! Awesome!
  4. Quality
    Fine a flex 1 andro
    I like how good it works.
  5. Quality
    Put on weight
    I used two bottles of this followed by a bottle of the Revolution PCT. I put on 10 pounds of good weight in about a week. All of my lifts shot up and I felt great while working out. Never had any soreness. Did lose a little bit of my sex drive but no performance issues. Had trouble getting out of bed towards the end of the cycle. I just couldn't get enough sleep. Would recommend to anyone.
  6. Quality
    You won't know if you don't try it
    I took 2 2 times a day.Good strength gains.The only bad thing is mild joint pain
  7. Quality
    Finaflex 1-Andro
    Didn't really find any pros to using this product. Abilit to lift more increased after 1 week but that could of been me getting past that mental block and really pushing myself to the limit. Im into my last week of this product and then using the pct black for the next 30 days. Being laid off and hitting the gym every day and pushing myself I was really hoping to see the results that so many othe
  8. Quality
    Works no doubt
    This stuff 40 years old and needed a boost in my workout.this stuff did its job.I really didn't have any side affects.i didn't finish my whole bottle because I have a drug test for a new job and I didn't need anything messing that up.i seen the gains and kept them.after my test I'm going to run a new bottle and what I have left.cant wait.
  9. Quality
    Gaining strength after only one week
  10. Quality
    will continue using this product always
    i use a 2 month cycle every 6 months or 2x a year. for me i always gain a few lbs of muscle every cycle and nothing when not on it. But must consume alot of water and protein with this product to give you the added muscle you want with hard work at the gym.

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