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Femme Rapidcuts Femme Powder

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Rapid Fat Burning Catalyst!

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Rapid Fat Burning Catalyst!

Want to Lose Weight up to 8X Faster with a DELICIOUS and CONVENIENT Drink?

Add Amazing BERRY FRUIT PUNCH Flavor To Your Water!

What if we told you that you could have a convenient delicious drink a couple of times a day and experience rapid weight loss, backed by clinical studies? Too good to be true? Not according to the science.

Published clinical studies on the key ingredients in RAPIDCUTS FEMME show amazing weight loss results of over 14 LBS in 8 weeks on average! Even more amazing, clinical research shows that key ingredients in RAPIDCUTS FEMME reduced their waist measurements by 2" and hip measurements by 2.5". That's more than 6 times the amount of the placebo group in just 8 weeks. Not only is RAPIDCUTS FEMME backed by these clinical studies, but its key ingredients are also backed by 4 registered U.S. Government Patents.

Now, get the full clinical strength formula of New and Improved RAPIDCUTS FEMME in a DELICIOUS and CONVENIENT Crystal Powder Packet that you can take with you anywhere!


Not only was the average weight loss over 14 LBS, but clinical study participants also experienced over 16 times the percentage of fat lost vs. placebo (4.15% vs. 0.25%).

Each flavor packet tastes delicious and contains only 10 calories and 0 g of sugar per serving! It's easy to take and convenient when you're on the go. Simply pour a packet into 500 ml of water and it will dissolve quickly and begin working immediately following ingestion.

The Crystal Powder Packets contain the full efficacious dosage which is based on the RAPIDCUTS FEMME effective weight loss solution for women. They are a great alternative when you're craving something sweet and want to maintain your weight loss program. You can use these on their own or substitute for a regular serving of the capsule form RAPIDCUTS FEMME as they contain the same key ingredients which are essential for effective weight loss.

What are the RAPIDCUTS FEMME Crystal Packs?

The RAPIDCUTS FEMME Crystal Powder Packets are a new way to lose weight based on the top-selling RAPIDCUTS FEMME weight loss formula for women. Now, get the full clinical strength formula of RAPIDCUTS FEMME in a delicious and convenient crystal powder packet that you can take with you anywhere. It's so easy - simply add the RAPIDCUTS FEMME Crystal Packet to water, shake it up and experience rapid weight loss. The Crystal Packets are available in Amazing Berry Fruit Punch and taste absolutely delicious!

What is the RAPIDCUTS FEMME formula based on?

RAPIDCUTS FEMME is the first female fat burner designed to intelligently Target, Release and Ignite stubborn stored body fat from your body. This 3-stage fat burning technology is unique to RAPIDCUTS FEMME and has been proven to take your weight loss to the next level. With RAPIDCUTS FEMME you can expect to lose inches off your hips and waist with the clinically proven ingredients. Research participants lost an average of 14 lbs in just 8 weeks using the key ingredients in the RAPIDCUTS FEMME New and Improved formula.

In short, RAPIDCUTS FEMME is not your average weight loss supplement. If you want to experience results you can see and feel include RAPIDCUTS FEMME in your diet and exercise plan today! Nothing works faster!

How does the Target, Release, Ignite fat loss process work?

RAPIDCUTS FEMME is the world's first female fat burner designed to intelligently Target, Release and Ignite stored body fat at speeds never before achieved by science. RAPIDCUTS FEMME features a new modern 3-Stage fat burning technology called T.R.I.TM. This revolutionary approach to female body transformation is the new standard in fat reduction sciences. From the moment you take RAPIDCUTS FEMME, you will feel it work and rapidly begin to see your body transform in a matter of days. These three steps combined can target your fat and help you lose weight like never before!

  1. TARGET: RAPIDCUTS FEMME includes TARGET, a compound designed to help initiate the fat burning process by effectively supporting the normal healthy functioning of the body's primary fat regulating hormones. A clinical research study showed that a key compound in TARGET (known as Sensoril - so specialized, it earned two U.S. Government Patents #6,153,198 and #6,713,092) helped support normal healthy metabolic function.
  2. RELEASE: RAPIDCUTS FEMME includes RELEASE, the 2nd Stage in the T.R.ITM 3-stage process, helping to increase the overall effectiveness of the Lipid Targeting Technology. RELEASE contains a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to help initiate the release of stored fat by supporting the body's key fat-releasing pathway known as Lipolysis. Lipolysis results in the release of free fatty acids into the blood stream where they can then be absorbed by muscle cells. Once in the muscle, they move into Stage 3 - IGNITE, where the rate of fat burning is accelerated.
  3. IGNITE: IGNITE is the last Stage in the T.R.I.TM fat-burning process. It was designed to accelerate the oxidization and elimination of fatty acids. IGNITE is the final step in the fat burning process and effectively ensures that additional released fat is naturally eliminated from the body at an accelerated rate when combined with exercise.

Do I need to workout with this product?

Exercise is a key component to any successful Body Transformation. For your best weight loss results while taking RAPIDCUTS FEMME , it's recommended that you get regular activity in your lifestyle. Don't feel you need to sweat it out at the gym. Choose an exercise that you enjoy such as going for hikes with your spouse, playing basketball with the kids or playing tennis with your friends. It doesn't matter how you stay active it's just important that you in engage in moderate-intensity physical activity for at least 30 minutes three to five times a week.

How Does RAPIDCUTS FEMME Crystal Packet work?

RAPIDCUTS FEMME Crystal Packets contain three proprietary blends specifically designed to target each of the hormones critical to the regulation of the location and rate at which your body stores fat. These blends effectively prime the body and set up the optimal environment to initiate the 3-Step TARGET, RELEASE, and IGNITE, (T.R.I.TM) fat burning process. With RAPIDCUTS FEMME, we've not only provided the active ingredient blends to set up the optimal environment to initiate fat burning (Step 1), but two additional steps to complete the process. Step 2, Release is the fatty tissue liberation process, or release of stored fat. Step 3, Ignite is the burning of, or the ignition of fat stores in the form of released fatty acids.

How quickly will I see results?

You will feel RAPIDCUTS FEMME working as soon as you start taking it. You can expect to see your body begin to transform within a matter of days. In one study on the key ingredients of RAPIDCUTS FEMME resulted in over 14 lbs weight loss in just 8 weeks!

How much weight will I lose?

The amount of weight that you'll lose is really an individual thing. Your success is dependent on a combination of following a healthy diet, exercising regularly and consistently taking RAPIDCUTS FEMME . However, you can expect to lose unwanted body fat and experience improvements to your lean body composition in as little as 8 weeks of taking RAPIDCUTS FEMME. In research study participants lost an average of 14.65 lbs in just 8 weeks! Not only was the average weight loss over 14 lbs, but clinical study participants also experienced over 16 times the percentage of fat lost vs. placebo (4.15% vs. 0.25%).

Can I take other medications while taking RAPIDCUTS FEMME Crystal Packets?

If you are currently under medical supervision or taking any medications you should always talk to your health-care professional before starting any supplement.

If I'm pregnant or nursing can I take RAPIDCUTS FEMME Crystal Packets?

No, you can not take RAPIDCUTS FEMME if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. However, when your doctor says it's safe to lose that baby weight RAPIDCUTS FEMME is an excellent option to help jump-start your baby weight-loss plan, but always make sure to check with your doctor first.

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