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EPG Blue Ice

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EPG Blue Ice - Diet Weight Loss! Fat Burning Chills! Boosts Metabolism With Clean Energy To Elevate Focus And Mood!

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Diet Weight Loss! Fat Burning Chills! Boosts Metabolism With Clean Energy To Elevate Focus And Mood!


BLUE ICE has been specially formulated to create a Brand New EUPHORIA you may think Walter White himself had created in a capsule form.


The clean energy and increased focus & mood feeling is a synergy of top shelf ingredients that subjects consumers to hair raising body tingling chills that you can literally feel the fat melting away.


Caffeine Anhydrous, is a good base stimulant that sets the foundation for the more effective and exotic stimulants contained in Blue Ice, Theophylline and N-Isopropylnorsynephrine and Alpha Yohimbine.


Dimethylethanolamine, (abbreviated as DMAE) is an amino acid which is found in small amounts in the brain is a crucial substance that functions as a building block for choline, which allows the brain to manufacturer acetylcholine. Research indicates that acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, plays an important role in the conduction and functioning of signals in the brain and the nervous system.


Theophyline Anhydrous (natural), belongs to the same family as caffeine and theobromine. Much like its counterparts, theophylline is a non-selective adenosine receptor agonist that stimulates the A1, A2, and A3 receptors. [8 Combining this with the other stims is sure to have your motor running and you may be ready to start bouncing off the walls!


L-Carnitine, is THE nutrient, the "ferry" so to speak, that shuttles fatty acids from the blood into the mitochondria, the energy producing "furnaces" in the cells, so that the fatty acids can be used as energy. If you want to use fat as a fuel as efficiently and effectively as possible, you need L--carnitine.


Guarana %22, is used for weight loss, to enhance athletic performance, as a stimulant, and to reduce mental and physical fatigue. It is a frequent addition to energy and weight loss products.


Rauwolfia vomitoria Root Extract (std. min. 90% Alpha Yohimbine) “Men will see a decrease in abdominal fat and women will have less fat in the hips” Alpha Y Works by blocking alpha-2 receptors to increase the flow of blood to those areas, for men alpha-2 receptors are typically found in the abdominal area. For women, the glutes or hips


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  1. Quality
    The Real SH!!
    This stuff is mean, the first day I took it, I was driving and it kicked in ten minutes after taking it! This stuff scared the heck out of me , I started breathing fast and got very warm and felt a sudden mood change! I didn’t know if I should drive to the hospital or not. About 15 minutes everything was normal, I said hell no I’ll never do that again, the next day I tried it again, no side effects or nothing, but energy galore and great focus! In the first week ive lost 6 pounds that had taken me over a month prior! I haven’t experienced any side effects since the first try! Excellent stuff!
  2. Quality
    A Blast
    This is by far the best I've used since Black Devil. Luckily I stocked up, after learning my lesson with this industry over the years. Hope it is back in stock.
  3. Quality
    Definite Energy.
    Too much energy for me. I took this product after receiving 2 sample packs... 8 months later, I still have the other one. Kicked in in about 10 minutes, felt GREAT!!! then i had to s#!t. felt terrible on the toilet, then, for about 15 seconds, I felt like everything in the world was right and I had found a long lost love. Then reality kicked me in the throat and i got the shakes and hard ass heart thump. Biked to the gym in about 1/3rd my normal time, did 2 sets of incline db press, .... then walked outside and around the corner and puked for about an hour. There goes all my protein i thought to myself. In summary.... ENERGY.
  4. Quality
    Good energy
    This is no Ephedra or 1,3 Dimethylamine HCl but it is a good energy booster. I don't believe it has the same metabolism benefits other things the government keeps taking from us however.
  5. Quality
    Was going to take it before work, glad I waited on my day off to try it, this is super jittery I like for home work out I wouldn't use it in public , nah mean
  6. Quality
    There is much to say about this product....other then...ITS NOT FOR THE WEAK. The days ECA were great but this right here it evolution. EPG keep doing what you do, you are changing the game.
  7. Quality
    It's a No from me
    I was anxious to try this product and see how it benefitted my workouts. I've taken a variety of fat burners and this one does not mesh well with me. I even enjoy the old school ECA stack but can't pinpoint the cause of the adverse affects with this one. I took advantage of the buy one get one free promo but will be passing these off to someone else. Both my brother and I took it and it gave him the shakes bad. As for me, I don't have high blood pressure but this product sky rockets it and you will be able to hear your heart thumping like a rabbit's foot. Then, there's the odd upset stomach issues. It had a laxative affect on both myself and my brother. It's difficult to stay focused in the gym when you're making a beeline for the toilet and spending 15-20 minutes there expelling everything from your body, wondering if you're going to shit out your skeleton next? I wasn't paid for this review, nor am I here to promote anything else, in fact, I'll be shopping around again today for a different fat burner. If you do use this product, I would say use with caution. I would also suggest taking it with a meal to slow it down some.
  8. Quality
    It works like a charm, I get stingers all the time deep inside your old lady!!! she loves that fat boy
  9. Quality
    This pill makes my heart pound and my throat open, I know for one thing!!! I’ll never promote in my job because of it #doorwarrior
  10. Quality
    This is a phenomenal!! Works much better than Jenny Craig did!! It does make it a little difficult to get an erection though.

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