EPG ArimeStage PCT 50

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EPG ArimeStage PCT 50 - Perfect Stand Alone Formula! Maintain Strength Gains! Powerful Natural Test Booster! Inhibit Estrogen!

Maintain Strength Gains! Powerful Test Booster! Inhibit Estrogen!





This helps maintain strength gains and back in 2008 there were NO products with ingredients that acted as a strength gainer while boosting testosterone and simultaneously inhibiting estrogen levels.


Once Scoffed at as not a “true” PCT… this innovation is now copied by most leading extreme products manufacturers. EPG, the original Extreme Products Group continues this innovation in 2016 and beyond with another version of Stage 50!



An herb from Southern and South Eastern Africa that has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac. It has shown to not only increase testosterone and reduce estrogen, but is also capable of boosting sex drive and sexual performance! This makes Bulbine one of the most effective new natural testosterone boosters on the market. Users in a control group experienced NATURAL testosterone levels boosted by 347% - while reducing estrogen by 35%! In terms of sex drive, Bulbine Natalensis outperformed Viagra for both sex drive enhancing and pro-sexual effects.




The root and bark of Eurycoma longifolia are used for treating erectile dysfunction (ED), increasing interest in sex, male infertility, boosting athletic performance, bodybuilding, and reducing body fat.




Sowing Your Wild Oats. It was used as a medicine for its effect on sexual stimulation, prior to being used as food. This plant may have sparked the phrase “sowing your wild oats."


EPIMEDIUM Horny Goat Weed


As an aphrodisiac, it has been used as a powerful remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used for thousands of years to promote male potency and sex drive.




Contains L-DOPA, also known as Levodopa. This is a dopamine precursor that comes from an herb native to Africa and Central Asia used to provide support for brain function, muscle health and sex drive.




Also known as 3b-hydroxy-etioallocholan-17-one – 50mg - This compound is a derivative of DHEA and a precursor to DHT. Increasing DHT levels promotes sex drive and a better overall mood. It is especially good for strength gains, muscle density and definition, which makes it great to use during a cutting cycle. One additional benefit is that it appears to have some immediate neurological effects, so taking a serving before a workout can aid in strength and aggression




Milk Thistle helps to detoxify and clean the liver for increases in normal function and health.
NAC, or N-Acetyl Cysteine, is an amino-acid derivative that restores levels of Glutathione, which is the body’s strongest antioxidant and is important because it helps protect the liver from toxins.




Maintain Strength Gains 5a-HydroxyLaxogenin was discovered in 1996 and is shown to have an anabolic/androgenic ratio similar to the product Anavar (Oxandrolone is the chemical name of active ingredient in Anavar) without the harsh side effects. At the proper dose, this compound is one of the only ingredients that can rapidly increase mass and strength gains without hormonal influence.


Athletes claim to have seen strength increases in 3-5 days, and muscle mass increases in 3-4 weeks. Tests show that protein synthesis increased by over 200%, the key to lean muscle growth and accelerated repair. In testing, 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin has balanced cortisol response, which is the major cornerstone to healthy recovery and reduction of muscle wasting. It's also been shown to balance cortisol levels on calorie-restricted diets while helping to control glucose and increasing thyroid function. Laxogenin also has some profound anti- inflammatory effects.


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  1. EPG ArimeStage PCT 50

    Best legal pct I've taken.
    If you can't get your hands on clomid or nolva. This is the product I recommend for pct. Not only do I notice results, other people tell me they notice the results.
  2. EPG ArimeStage PCT 50

    Used as a bridge
    I love almost everything about this pct product, the only thing it could use is a little more mg on the NAC and some of the other extra stuff but as far as the osta, androst 3,5 and 50mg of epiandro is what you would get from most standalone products. Havnt lost anything but some water after an epi/alpha one. Using along side DAA and endosurge and GAINING strength without the lethargy. A+ Will buy more and run for a few months as a standalone.
  3. EPG ArimeStage PCT 50

    I used after Super DMZ 2.0
    Blackstone Labs: Super DMZ 2.0 is more than strong enough to give you gyno so I looked for a good enough Androst product to use as a PCT to prevent any gyno, gain loss, or severe estrogen production. There are many PCT products to choose from but I liked the added Ostarine that comes in this bottle. I believe it helped with me not losing all my strength and progress once the pro-hormone ended.

    Would buy again as I suffered zero side effects on it. Also, while on this OCT for a month I was able to keep the same state of mind I was in while on the DMZ, meaning I didn't perform worse in the gym after the cycle ended.
  4. EPG ArimeStage PCT 50

    Love this stuff!! Taking it standalone, not as a PCT and really loving the results. I am cycling it, but have been using it for almost a year now and have noticeable results. A1supplements is the cheapest everywhere, will continue to buy from here!!

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