Enzymedica Free Radical Defenze

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Helps Reduce Free Radical Damage in the Body!

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Helps Reduce Free Radical Damage in the Body!

  • Super Antioxdant with SOD & Glutathione
  • Vegetarian & Vegan
  • Plant Based Enzymes
Defenze represents one of the most potent formulas available to neutralize these harmful free radicals. Enzymes are much more effective antioxidants than nutrients alone as is seen in recent research, using various antioxidant markers. Defenze vastly outperformed a buffered form of vitamin C containing bioflavonoids. Among the indications tested were caffeine clearance, liver detoxification and glutathione levels.

Defenze was able to markedly increase all the measured aspects of free radical detoxification compared to baseline levels, and showed better overall detoxification of free radicals when compared to vitamin C.

The results were directionally positive in all free radical markers; lipid peroxidases were lower, glutathione was higher, detoxification pathway markers showed a large improvement. All markers were improved and in dramatic fashion."

Why does Defenze outperform Vitamin C?

Defenze contains a combination of potent antioxidant enzymes including superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, and our exclusive protease Thera-blend. SOD aids in neutralizing free radicals and is part of the 'oxidative burst' that immune cells release to destroy bacteria and viruses that have gained access to the cells of the body. Catalase is an extremely efficient enzyme that removes toxins from the body. Its primary function is to turn hydrogen peroxide (a free radical compound) into water and oxygen. One molecule of catalase can dismantle millions of hydrogen peroxide molecules each second. Protease has a long history of therapeutic use as a detoxifier that supports immune function.

Defenze also contains glutathione and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). Glutathione is an antioxidant molecule formed in the liver. Its main functions are to assist in DNA repair, neutralize toxins, protect cells from free radicals, and boost immune function. Deficiencies of this nutrient are associated with aging and various disease states. It also regenerates other antioxidants like vitamin C and E.

Cutting Edge Protection!

Defenze has been proven to provide overall immune support with cutting edge protection against free radical damage. It is the most potent and most effective antioxidant enzyme formula available and is backed up by the research required to prove it.

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