EFX Sports GlutaZorb Glutamine Powder

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EFX Sports GlutaZorb Glutamine - Highly Concentrated Form of Glutamine! Supports Protein Synthesis & Enhanced Recovery!

Formulated to win. Training ground. Stable glutamine. Ultra concentrated.



Useful For The Digestive Tract & Immune System
Support Glutamine Needs During Metabolic Stress
Stable In Liquid


Highly Concentrated Form of Glutamine
Powder Form Is Free From Dyes & Artificial Flavors
Invented By EFX Sports Scientist Dr. Jeff Golini


Benefits of glutamine: Glutamine is a powerful amino acid that your body demands during intense exercise and metabolic stress (which includes injury, illness, dieting, etc.). Depletion of glutamine stores can decrease strength, stamina, and recovery. many hard training athletes supplement their diet with glutamine to aid performance and recovery. the glutazorb difference! Patent-pending GlutaZorb is an ultra-pure, pH-correct glutamine made using an enzymatically modified buffered fermentation process. Our scientist, Dr. Golini, discovered that buffering glutamine molecules creates a more stable form of glutamine.

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