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Karbolyn And Kre-Alkalyn Infused Post-Workout Formula!

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Karbolyn And Kre-Alkalyn Infused Post-Workout Formula!

  • Scientifically engineered post-workout formula that combines quality protein sources – including ProtaLyn–  with Karbolyn, Kre-Alkalyn and medium-chain triglycerides
  • 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio to optimize post-training recovery and repair
  • Contains 24 grams of protein from six sources: ProtaLyn, whey isolate, whey concentrate, milk isolate, casein and egg
  • Delivers 58 grams of fast-absorbing Karbolyn to replenish glycogen stores
  • Features 1.5 grams of Kre-Alkalyn supplying pH-buffered creatine monohydrate


Because athletes do the real building after their workouts are done. While how you train might begin the process, it's how you refuel and replenish post-training that helps you recover, repair, and ultimately increase performance.

Scientifically engineered and nutrient dense, FREAK MAKER BUILD combines key compounds with 6 quality protein sources- including patent-pending ProtaLyn Paired with Karbolyn (fast-absorbing relatively complex carbohydrate), Kre-Alkalyn (stable, pH-Correct creatine) and Medium-Chain Triglycerides, you'll give your body what it needs to rev up anabolic processes and get the most out of your post workout nutrition.

Convenient and delicious, FREAK MAKER BUILD helps athletes refeed, refuel and recharge- getting the most out of recovery.

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