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Double Dragon En Fuego

Brand: Double Dragon

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Double Dragon En Fuego

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Fat-Incinerating Complex!


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Fat-Incinerating Complex!

En Fuego combines some of the most powerful and effective ingredients for energy and fat loss.  No hidden ingredients or proprietary blends here.  Just in-your-face ingredients designed to ignite the fat-incinerating fire.


Green Coffee Bean Extract (min 50% Chlorogenic Acid) - Studies have shown that 400mg of Green Coffee Bean extract with a minimum of 50% chlorogenic acid can reduce post-meal blood sugar by 24%! It also reduces blood sugar through several mechanisms, helping to reduce food cravings as well as preventing the storage of food as fat.

Caffeine - Caffeine has long been touted as a weight loss aid.  It can reduce appetite, increase energy, and increase the burning of fat for energy.

Higenamine HCl - This ingredient is a potent beta adrenergic receptor stimulant.  By stimulating these receptors, Higenamine helps release more fat from your fat cells to be burned for energy.  You probably remember another potent beta adrenergic receptor stimulant, ephedrine.

Alpha Yohimbine - This ingredient is a potent alpha adrenergic receptor blocker.  In a similar way that Higenamine works to burn fat by stimulating the beta receptors, Alpha Yohimbine increases fat loss by blocking the alpha receptor.  Estrogen plays an important role in fat storage by increasing alpha receptor activity, so Alpha Yohimbine works especially well in women, as well as in estrogen-prone fat storage (chest, hips, thighs) in men.  Alpha Yohimbine also increases the effects of caffeine, reduces appetite, and can elevate mood.  

Green Tea Leaf Extract (min 50% EGCG) - The most active compound in Green Tea, EGCG, has many health benefits.  En Fuego contains a minimum of 50% EGCG extract.  EGCG is a very potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.  It helps protect against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, bacterial and viral infections, and many other health benefits.  We included EGCG because of its ability to increase fat loss and optimize blood sugar.

Olive Leaf Extract - Olive Leaf Extract contains many beneficial compounds that also help protect against cancer, heart disease, and inflammation.  We included it because it contains compounds that help to increase the thyroid hormone T3.  During fat loss, especially with reduced calories and increased activity, the body experiences a reduction in T3, and thus a slowing of weight loss.  Olive Leaf Extract can help to maintain continual loss.

Grape Seed Extract - This ingredient has many health benefits as a powerful antioxidant and cardivascular protectant.  GSE may also aid in fat loss by mediating harmful estrogens and decreasing fat absorption and storage.  

FDA: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts


Directions: The Serving Size is 2 capsules.  We recommend starting with 1 capsule twice daily to assess tolerance.  If well tolerated, users can increase to 2 capsules in the morning, and 1 or 2 capsules in the afternoon.

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