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Doctor's Best Hyal-Joint

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Nourishes Joint Fluid For Free And Easy Movement!

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Nourishes Joint Fluid For Free And Easy Movement!

Hyal-Joint is a patent-pending extract of rooster combs composed of 60% hyaluronic acid along with collagen and glycosaminoglycans that form the structural components of connective tissue.

The Importance of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid, also known as "hyaluronan", or "HA", is a large polysaccharide (complex sugar) molecule composed of disaccharides linked together in a chain. It belongs to a family of biological compounds called "glycosaminoglycans" (GAGs). These complex, versatile molecules impart structural strength and integrity to cells while providing elasticity and lubrication to joints and other body parts. GAGs can be thought of as anatomic "glue and grease" that keep bodily structures strong, supple and moving together smoothly. Our tissues contain more hyaluronic acid than any other GAG.

Humans are fluid-based organisms; the body contains up to 70% water. Cells have a high water content along with various intracellular (inside the cell) organelles. The extracellular (outside the cell) matrix itself is a water world. This non-cellular environment is highly dynamic: a complex bio-field in which cell-to-cell communication and a grand array of other biochemical functions take place.

The extracellular matrix provides the cushioning and support for joints, the bone-to-bone connections that allow us to move. For this to work according to nature's design, fluids occupying the spaces between bones need to be slippery and elastic in order to keep friction from building up as joints move harmoniously in their life-long anatomic dance.

Hyaluronic acid is essential for the viscosity of joint fluid; the "slipperiness" that allows us to move freely and easily. Hyaluronic acid is remarkably viscous: 5000 times more so than water! The synovial membrane, the protective layer surrounding joints, is rich in hyaluronic acid - the pliancy and resiliency of our joints would be non-existent without it; we'd be like the Tin Man waiting for someone to bring us an oil can so we could move once again. When you feel the spring in your step and the bounce in your run, thank nature for hyaluronic acid; you would never experience the joy of movement if it were not for this amazing biological substance that permeates your entire body.

Hyal-Joint Absorption

Intestinal absorption of Hyal-Joint has been demonstrated through a laboratory procedure that utilizes spectrophotometric analysis to measure the amount of glycosaminoglycans in tissue cultures. Application of this technique to an in vitro model of intestinal absorption produced absorption values of approximately 38, 22 and 9 percent in the duodenum, jejunum and ileum, respectively. Based on these results, it can be theorized that 50 percent or more of the hyaluronic acid in Hyal-Joint is absorbed following oral consumption.

Hyal-Joint - Like the Body's Own HA

Hyal-Joint has a molecular weight of one million daltons (units of measure for the size of molecules). This high molecular weight means the hyaluronic acid in Hyal-Joint is similar to the HA in joints ("native" HA). Animal studies suggest 500,000 to 1,000,000 daltons is the optimum molecular weight range for HA supplements.1 According to a published review on hyaluraonic acid supplements: "Products using high molecular weight HA match the identity of native HA in the body and from the scientific literature."

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