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DAS Labs Woke AF

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Woke AF - High Stimulant Pre-Workout With Dendrobium & Synephrine! 3 Different Stimulants Combined With Clinically Proven Cognition Enhancers, And A Potent Delivery Mechanism !

High Stimulant Pre-Workout With Dendrobium & Synephrine!


Woke AF is not for beginners, rookies, or people who curl in the squat rack. This stim heavy dose has been formulated for those with only the strongest of tolerances. 3 different stimulants combined with clinically proven cognition enhancers, and a potent delivery mechanism will help you stay WOKE through the most intense workouts, longest work shifts, graveyards, study sessions, (or simply crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of their people).

Dendrobium - An ancient Chinese herb, used as an energy boosting agent. .

Synephrine - Synephrine HCl, also known as bitter orange extract. Synephrine in its hydrochloride form it has been shown to be more bioavailable in the body. A very potent stimulant, this compound has become a staple for stim junkies. Stacked with dendrobium, this formula has not just one, but two ingredients to mimic the effects of thermogenics.

Caffeine - Increased to 333mg, WOKE AF is specifically formulated for those with an already developed high tolerance to stimulants.

Carnosyn - Increased to 3.2g for extended training sessions.


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  1. Quality
    100 out of 5
    Bucked up hands down is the best product out there! Woke af tastes amazing, mixes great and most importantly kicks in within 10-15 minutes! My favorite flavor is blue raspberry. It is definitely worth the money!!
  2. Quality
    Awesome Pre
    One of the best pre workouts I've taken! Crazy focus and energy!
  3. Quality
    Pre workout
    Best for energy! Best price! Fast shipping!
  4. Quality
    Woke AF
    6'0"; 235#; Male, 37:
    I enjoy the product. I usually take it in the evening. My workouts are typically powerlifting based. The taste is great, Blood Raz is what I've used so far. I have never used a preworkout before. I take the recommended heaping scoop and feel no crash. The main thing i get from it is the clarity of mind and extra energy after working all day. I do recommend DAS Woke AF and have already to my friends.
  5. Quality
    Do you even lift BRO.
    Anyone who gave this product less than 5 stars probably DON'T even work out. Dont listen to their weak reviews. This product gives you an amazing pump not just good like some guy said. There is no crash. If anything made him crash was his diet. The taste is amazing so I don't know what that other review was about. Joke AF? anyways this stuff is like the old school prework outs. You get the tingling feeling in the beginning and some insane pumps after. And I can still go to sleep at night and not feel all wired up. 5 star product, anything less and your a joke....
  6. Quality
    Best preworkout
    I was told from some guys at my gym that this stuff was legit. I was able to buy it on sale during a promo and I verify it is as good as I was told! Will buy again
  7. Quality
    Woke af is amazing
    Woke af has great sustaining energy with no crash. I’ve tried so many different preworkouts and this is by far the best for me. Besides the caffeine it’s the other ingredients that gives that long lasting energy and pump. Will be buying again for sure.
  8. Quality
    Great supp.
    Woke af is an amazing pre workout. After a 16 hour shift I take one scoop of woke and still get that pump, energy to hit the gym and put in a good session. Highly recommend. Worth the money
  9. Quality
    nice stim
    is nice stim with Dendrobium loved
    good pump and energy.

    i stacking more pump,power and stim with.
    axis labs 4 capscreatine Ethyl, 1scoop hemodraulix,
    1scoop allmax h;vol,i force 1hemavol.swft 1 caps halostachine,1caps higenamine,1caps hordenine,1caps theacrine. Explosive power energy stim stack!
  10. Quality
    good pump you feel it with in 10 min good energy but the crash is the one that gets me..

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