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DAS Labs Bucked Up Chill - No Chill - Flow State Focus, Supports Healthy Stress Response, May Enhance Memory Recall

Cognitive Enhancement

You think you feel tired. But it’s not tiredness that’s drained you of your creativity, drive, and deliberate progress. It’s fatigue. Mental fatigue doesn’t react to eight hours of sleep. It’s not cured with a three-day vacation. Even if you do manage to check off every box, that fatigue will still be there, increasing all the mood related symptoms Legal won’t let us mention.

Stress is here to stay. Social media isn’t about to let you forget you’re not enough, or that you could be doing more to get that glam-for-the-gram-life.

Building that dream life requires 110% effort, all the time — 100% doesn’t cut it anymore. Most of us aren’t even close to 100%! And 110% often sounds like a distant memory. Obviously you have no intention of going full Thoreau and giving up on society to live by a pond. That’d be impossible since you’re part of the buck/doe fam and we don’t give up, and, perhaps more importantly, the cost of Walden-living has skyrocketed since Thoreau’s day.

You do have another option though...

Increase the brain’s capacity. Elevate mental stamina. Protect your brain from unhealthy aging. Encourage neurogenesis (neural cell growth). Adjust your scope, and zero in on your life’s goals with precision focus. Not just for today, but for tomorrow, the day after, and increasingly so over the following years.

Enhance your odds of goal-getting & dream-living with BUCKED UP NO-CHILL // CHILL


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

No-Chill has 100mg of caffeine. As such, it is recommended that you allow time between ingesting No-Chill and any of the following: HEAT, HEAT Hardcore, WOKE AF, BAMF, BUCKED UP, or any of our BLACK Series pre-workouts. This is particularly true for those who exercise in the AM.

Some examples on how to space supplements:

½ serving No Chill (2 pills) with pre-workout. Then ½ serving (2 pills) thirty minutes after training.
AM Pre-Workout, then full serving of No-Chill post-workout
AM Pre-Workout, then full serving of No-Chill at lunchtime.
CHILL: As a neuroprotective supplement, take 4 capsules in the evening with food

As a brain-boosting supplement, take 4 capsules in the morning with food

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