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  • Stimulant free formula
  • Long lasting, intense pumps
  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Improve mood and focus
  • Mind blowing vascularity
White Blood 2 is the most complete stimulant free nitric oxide formula around. It will deliver out of this world pumps, bulging vascularity and cell bursting volumization. The White Blood 2 formula, simultaneously, includes potent anti-oxidants that will help to scavenge potential free radicals elicited by the production of nitric oxide. These two concurrent effects, not only make White Blood 2 the most effective stimulant free nitric oxide product on the market, but also the most healthful.

The White Blood 2 PRObloodTECTION complex includes Allicin and Ashwagandha, which are potent anti-oxidants that work together to support the immune system, improve mood and focus, support optimal testosterone levels and reduce muscle soreness, cortisol, and Interleukin-6, allowing for a MUCH more intense training session. As a bonus, Allicin may stimulate eNOS activity, increasing the nutrient capacity of the muscle cells during the critical anabolic window. Coenzyme Q10 (another potent anti-oxidant) was added to improve cell function and enhance exercise capacity (without stimulants)

We added a potent dose of Glycerol Monostearate
(Glycerol esterified with stearic acid), which is a unique hygroscopic compound that draws more fluid and nutrients into our muscle fascia, increasing cell volume to create a natural anabolic response. Efficiently absorbed and rapidly metabolized, glycerol is taken up by skeletal muscle (the uptake increases many fold during exercise) and a placebo controlled study revealed that subjects who had taken glycerol exercised significantly longer to fatigue. The osmotic and other benefits of glycerol may help to support increased protein synthesis, muscle mass, and long term growth.

The NOup Complex includes Norvaline
(Arginase inhibitor), Osthole, and Icariin (a PDE5 inhibitor and testosterone mimetic), which work in synergy to provide longer lasting muscle "pumps", dramatic vascularity, and support optimal hormone levels for muscle growth.

White Blood 2 is the most complete and healthful stimulant free nitric oxide product available. If you crave an awesome new gym experience that includes mind boggling pumps, enhanced vascularity and amazing cell volumization, make White Blood 2 your new preworkout formula today!

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