CON-CRET Peak 400

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Designed To Support One-Rep Max Strength!

Designed To Support One-Rep Max Strength!

  • Increase One-Rep Max (1RM) Strength and Peak Power Output
  • Support Muscle Thickness and Lean Body Mass
  • Promote Blood Flow and Oxygen Delivery
  • Increase Training Volume and Reduce Muscle Fatigability
  • Improve Recovery Between Exhaustive Exercise Bouts
PEAK400 delivers the only legitimate, patent-protected and extensively researched form of oral ATP you can buy - PEAK ATP! University studies confirm that raising the amount of ATP outside a muscle cell, even in small and transient amounts, can provide support for muscle excitability, blood flow and recovery. ATP and its immediate metabolites not only activate receptors on muscle tissue that increase the number of muscle filaments that bind and the velocity at which they slide, but also affect the cell's ability to rapidly repolarize for repeated high-intensity muscle demands. ATP-activated receptors also increase the synthesis and release of Nitric Oxide (NO).

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