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Epi-Plex - Maximize Your Strength & Physique Goals, Increases In Strength And Lean Muscle, Improved Vascularity!

Epi-Plex - Maximize Your Strength And Physique Goals!

Ask yourself a serious question – Do you really, truly want to maximize your results in the gym? Do you really? Or are you one of those people that actually sabotage your own progress because you are scared to realize your full potential? I know at first thought that may sound crazy, but it happens to all types of people – businessmen, students, business owners, athletes, and others who many times subconsciously sabotage their own progress and results because they are scared to meet their full potential. If this is you, let Competitive Edge Labs help you break free of your self-sabotage and self-limiting behavior by allowing Epi-Plex to show you what it’s like to truly maximize your strength and physique goals!

What is Epi-Plex?

Epi-Plex is an (-)-epicatechin product that contains NO proprietary blends and NO filler ingredients disguised in with the listed (-)-epicatechin content to give the appearance of more (-)-epicatechin than is really in the product. Epi-Plex delivers you with a Full Months Supply at a Cost Effective Price.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, Epi-Plex may be right for you:

Are you on a mission to Become Bigger, Leaner, Harder, and Stronger?
Do you crave results in the gym? Not just want them, but need them, crave them?
Do you want to not only break your plateaus but to absolutely demolish them?

Epi-Plex (-)-Epicatechin Ingredient Highlights & Potential Benefits:

- Myostatin Inhibition
- Increases in Strength and Lean Muscle
- Improved Vascularity
- Increased Follistatin
- Increased Stamina
- Decreased LDL Cholesterol & Inflammation

Epi-Plex Product Specific Highlights:

No Deceptive Proprietary Blends!!
No Filler Ingredients!!
300 mg. (-)-epicatechin per capsule!!
60 capsules per bottle = A Full Month Supply!!
18 grams of (-)-epicatechin per bottle = Great Cost Effectiveness!!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

What is (-)-epicatechin?
(-)-epicatechin is a flavonol found in cacao that is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and sought after ingredients in the sports nutrition industry and is widely regarded as the top rated Myostatin inhibiting compound on the market.

So what the hell is Myostatin anyway?
Very simply put, Myostatin is a protein that is found in skeletal muscle that inhibits muscle growth.

What is Follistatin and how does that relate to Myostatin?
Follistatin is a protein that works to regular muscle growth and has an inverse relationship with Myostatin. As we get older, our levels of Myostatin tend to increase and our levels of Follistatin tend to decrease. (-)-epicatechin is thought to be able to help increase Follistatin and decrease Myostatin.

Why do some brands proprietary blend their (-) epicatechin products?
A proprietary blend is when a company takes multiple ingredients and instead of giving you the amount of each active ingredient they group them all together in a blend and give you the dosage of the blend as a whole. In some cases, such as if the company has a unique product formulation where they don’t want their competitors to know the exact amounts of certain ingredients that they are using, this is understandable. However, in cases of products like (-)-epicatechin, it isn’t. Unfortunately, many times companies use a proprietary blend as a sales tactic to give the appearance that a product contains more active ingredient than it does. This allows them to deceive customers into buying the product thinking they are getting more than they are and to maximize their profits in the process. Sometimes these blends contain multiple ingredients, sometimes they only contain two. For example, some companies may include filler ingredients such as rice flour in the proprietary blend of a product.

Wait, Rice Flour in a proprietary blend? WTF?
Yeah, that’s what we said too, but sadly, it works on a lot of unsuspecting customers. Let’s say we were to go that route – we have 300 mg. of (-)-epicatechin per capsule so that means that if we had wanted to we could have added 300 mg. of rice flour per capsule and then labeled it as ‘(-)-epicatechin, rice flour- 600 mg’ if we wanted to. Pretty messed up huh?

Luckily for our consumers, we at Competitive Edge Labs aren’t like that. We know our customers are serious about building the best bodies possible and the only time they want to see the words rice flour is if they are listed as a carb source on one of their favorite muscle building meals.

Do I need any on cycle support supplements while using Epi-Plex?
No, Epi-Plex is not a prohormone so you do NOT need any on cycle support supplements while using Epi-Plex.

Do I need (PCT)?
No, Epi-Plex is not a prohormone so it does NOT require PCT.

Can I use Epi-Plex during my PCT?
Yes. Epi-Plex’s unique variety of awesome benefits makes it an ideal choice for gaining lean muscle and strength during PCT.

Why the hell am I still reading and not already using Epi-Plex?
That one we can’t answer for you so quit asking yourself and something about it!!


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

PCT: This is not a prohormone, so a PCT product is not needed. If you are taking a prohormone though, Epi Plex is a great product to take during your PCT because it can help you build more muscle and strength naturally.

Cycle Support: This is not a prohormone, so a cycle supplement supplement is not needed.

Servings Per Container: 60
Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Epicatechin 300 mg
Piperine (95%) 20mg

Take 1 capsule twice per day with meals. Do not take more than 3 capsules per day.

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