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Colossal Labs TestoFREAK

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Colossal Labs TestoFREAK - Unparalleled Testosterone Increases For New Muscle!
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Unparalleled Testosterone Increases For New Muscle!


TestoFreak: Experience unparalleled testosterone increases while seeing your muscle strength skyrocket. Send your leuteinizing hormone, which tells your body to produce testosterone, through the roof! . Naturally increase testosterone with 12 highly concentrated high quality ingredients that also lower unwanted estrogen and DHT. Estrogen and DHT compete with testosterone and are inhibited with TestoFREAK. Stack with N.O. Monster for the Monster Muscle Stack or with Sex Cycle for the Monster Sexual Stack.


Why take TestoFREAK?


  • Increase Testosterone Naturally
  • Lower Unwanted DHT and Estrogen
  • Supported Sexual Health
  • Improved Strength, Recovery, and Muscle volume
  • Prevent Muscle Breakdown
  • All Natural


Frequently Asked Questions

What is testosterone and why should I care about it?
Testosterone levels decline gradually with age in men. Anabolic effects of testosterone include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density and strength, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation. Boosting these levels are essential to supporting strength, size and healthy sexual function.

Why is TestoFREAK better than the other formulas on the market?
Price, value, highly concentrated ingredients, ideal muscle volumizing formula, and flawless manufacturing of high quality raw materials. TestoFREAK gets you great results at a low price without the hassle of mixing powders and cleanup.

What are the side effects, is it safe, and will it test positive on a drug test?
There aren't anything that would test positive on a drug test. It is made in a cGMP manufacturing facility under strict regulatory guildelines and testing. It is double safety sealed for your protection. have too much energy to fall asleep right away. There are no side effects and all the ingredients are natural.

How long can I stay on TestoFREAK?
We recommend taking a 1 week break after 12 weeks.

How do I stack N.O. Monster and Sex Cycle with TestoFREAK?
They can be taken all at the same time or spread out throughout the day.

What is the difference between N.O. Monster and Testofreak?
N.O. Monster is a pre-workout igniter that helps deliver blood and oxygen to the muscles to help them grow. Testofreak allows muscle gains through increasing tesosterone.

Are there any stimulants in TestoFREAK?
No, if you are sensitive to stimulants then this is an ideal formula for you.


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    Only tried a capsule so far
    I received this product right before I moved to Florida. I'm 27 y/o. Unfortunately the gym in my condo is dinky and meant for older people. It's small and the weights are very low so I won't start this until I join another gym. Anyways I tried a capsule and can say that there were no side effects so I'm looking forward to using it regularly. Shipping was fast as well. It's hard to comment since I
  2. Quality
    Crazy Good
    This product is great. I saw fast results in the gym. Only problem is sometimes it makes me feel on top of the world. Haha but its not so bad definitely worth it and an incredible value. I take 2 every morning with breakfast. Workout consistently for maximum results at least 3-4 days a week.
  3. Quality
    Very effective product and this is coming from a guy who has tried the cheap stuff up to the overpriced no results supps. I'm a big guy and I take 1 pill in the am and 1 in the pm. Just that small dosage as worked wonders for me. I'm slinging more weight in the gym and more pipe in bedroom. Sleep has improved and so has recovery. My mood can get a little "alpha" at times but that should be expecte
  4. Quality
    best kept secret
    Use twice a day morning and afternoon
  5. Quality
    I gained 8lbs of muscle
  6. Quality
    Awesome results
    testofreak is the best balanced supplement that i have ever used.
  7. Quality
    nothing for me
    Unfortunately this test product did not have any effect on me. I've taken other cheaper non mainstream test boosters in the past and have had gains in size strength stamina energy and labido. Although I've never had all of the listed effects happen on the same cycle/products I have noticed some kind of change while taking every other test booster in the past. Unfortunately this product did not
  8. Quality
    Works Good
    I use daily. Definitely has increased the intensity of my workouts strength and energy. Not bad for a cheaper test booster. I also use this product with N.O. Monster and protein shake.
  9. Quality
    works fine
    Solid product. No sides. Takes a week or so to get used to and to feel full effect. Would recommend using for 3 days with a day off. Additionally make sure you get decent sleep I tend to work a lot and my gains were increased after a couple of days of good sleep.
  10. Quality
    I take 2 capsules first thing every morning.. in 2 weeks I could feel my strength and endurance go up. Definitely more energy in the gym. Very strong for a test booster with all natural ingrediets. Great product no side effects from what I've seen.

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