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Protect and Grow your Muscle!

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Protect and Grow your Muscle!

  • Free Form Essential Amino Acids
  • Speed your recovery
  • Helps burn fat
  • L-glutamine enhanced
  • Helps increase energy (Booster formula)
Protect your muscles from (EIC) exercise induced catabolism and improve your caloric efficiency for more muscle with less fat. In the first moments of a workout your body begins signaling for enzymes that have only one purpose... to chew up your muscle tissue for its vital, energy rich, essential amino acids. The more muscle that is destroyed, the less growth you'll get and the longer it will take to recover. Nearly all of the protein synthesis that occurs after training is wasted on rebuilding, little is left for new growth. In fact, this process is more damaging for some people. This can make muscle growth frustrating and difficult for everyone, even for athletes that appear to be making gains.

Stop the catabolic cycle!

CHAMPION NUTRITION's new AMINO SHOOTER, pre-workout drink, can help protect you from the negative effects of exercise induced catabolism that occur in the first moments of your workout. AMINO SHOOTER provides your body with a uniquely balanced combination of high quality, free-form, essential amino acids that take only minutes to be absorbed and go to work. AMINO SHOOTER special Amino blend is University-proven to reduce the degradation of muscle and increase protein synthesis at the same time. Protein supplements take too long to digest and BCAA's alone don't provide the necessary range of essential amino acids found in AMINO SHOOTER.

More Efficient Calories!

AMINO SHOOTER also has a caloric efficiency that is several hundred percent higher than a protein drink! Caloric efficiency is the ratio of muscle stimulating calories to fat stimulating calories.

Higher caloric efficiency means more muscle with Less Fat.

We formulated AMINO SHOOTER to contain exactly what was needed to stimulate muscle growth and skipped the rest. Carbohydrate doesn't directly make muscles grow! They only provide energy (before training they will also reduce fat loss); and non-essential amino acids are just that, non-essential. Your body makes them from the essentials. This is why protein drinks are not efficient, their non-essential amino acids are not important for muscle growth they only provide extra calories. Only EAA's are essential for muscle protein synthesis. The higher your diet is in the EAA's the higher your caloric efficiency, and the better your ratio of muscle to fat gain.

Add AMINO SHOOTER to a bottle of water before your next workout and train knowing that this time you won't be held back by the negative effects of EIC.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When should I take AMINO SHOOTER?
A. AMINO SHOOTER can be used throughout the day, but it is best utilized when taken before a workout. This provides an effective dose of essential aminos, without the carb calories that can lower insulin sensitivity and hinder your muscle gain and weight loss.

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