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Cellucor Super HD Powder - High-Def Fat Targeting & Sculpting Agent! Powerful Focus, High-Powered Energy, Helps Promote Fat Loss, Increase Fat Metabolism & Promote Better Appetite Control!

Fat Targeting & Sculpting Agent! Increased Energy, Focus & Appetite Control!

The simplest tasks become difficult in the darkconfusion is certain while detail is often lost.

Light changes the way we perceive and understand, adding clarity and definition to the world. This idea is embodied by High-Def television.

Do you remember the world before HDTV?

Rabbit Ears, VHS Videotapes, Atari
although these items are classic, maybe even nostalgic, would you purchase one today?

I didn't think so.

I remember the first time I saw high-definition television.
The picture was so clear, details rendered in a way never before imagined. HD, this was an entirely different and consuming experience—from that moment on, the perception, the standard, the expectation of television was forever changed. Why would anyone ever settle for anything less than HD?!


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  1. Quality
    Great product !
    All in all great product. I've been using it for three weeks long with dieting. Also have gotten back into the gym 5 days a week & doing the t25 program as well. Each of these things intertwined with one another have been working very well. Down 10 lbs.
  2. Quality
    Product is great
    Without changing my workout my belly started to go away.Hellped get the cuts thaty have always avoided mr
  3. Quality
    Too much performance
    Used product for gym workouts it increased my heart rate to an unhealthy level. Middle age man in early 50's fairly good physical shape. Had to take less than recommended dose and eventually stop taking.
  4. Quality
    No jitters
    A lot of fat burners make me feel nervous and jittery. Super HD gives me a focused energy. I was zoned in on my work looked down and 4 hours had passed. I recommend this product to anyone that wants an focus/energy product.
  5. Quality
    Love this thermo!!!
    I take one pill twice a day. Pre-breakfast and then about 2pm. I have no jittery side effects and it gives me great energy without feeling weird. I dont really notice the appetite suppressant since I eat every 3 hours but I am sure it helps with that. I really like this product!
  6. Quality
    Losing fat in HD!
    Celllucor's Super HD is a phenomenal procut that i will be using again on my next cut!||Positivies:|Appetitie Suppressant - you can really feel the effect of this throughout the day you don't feel hungry and your stomach doesn't growl like a beast!|Thermogenic Aspects - Whats a better way to reinforce that you're working hard to shed those pounds? Sweating of course! Super HD stays true to this c

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