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Cellucor C4 Zero

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Cellucor C4 Zero - Explosive Tingle Free Pre-Workout! C4 Zero Comes Fully Loaded For Explosive Energy, Focus & Improved Endurance! Zero Beta-Alanine, Creatine & Zero Calories!

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Just Like Regular C4 Without Beta-Alanine & Creatine!


If you thought there wasn’t anywhere else Cellucor could go with its pre-workout family, which already has a lot of different versions of C4. You’ll be surprised to hear that there is in fact another one coming called C4 Zero.

Unlike a few of the other pre-workouts that use the word “zero” in their titles, C4 Zero isn’t a naturally flavored version of the regular C4. The upcoming Cellucor supplement is actually a tingle free and zero creatine pre-workout.

The new C4 Zero is very similar to the regular C4, Cellucor has just swapped out two of its transparently dosed ingredients. To make sure it lives up to its tingle free promise, the brand has removed the product’s 1.6g of beta-alanine, as well as its gram of NO3-T creatine nitrate.
In place of the two removed ingredients, Cellucor has added 3g of citrulline malate, just like in the new Beta BCAA. The brand has also thrown in a light 2g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio.

Everything else in C4 Zero is exactly the same as it is in the regular C4, from its gram of arginine AKG, to its 425mg energy blend of n-acetyl l-tyrosine, caffeine, velvet bean, and TeaCrine. Despite the two changes, the new C4 still seems to be promoting the same kind of effects with increased energy and muscle pumps.


Ctirulline: This increases blood flow. By allow for greater levels of nitric oxide in the blood stream, citrulline will improve nutrient flow to your muscles. This in turn will increase the endurance of your muscles and also allow for an amazing muscle pump, with tight, thick muscles from the workout. We like around 5g of citrulline in our pre workouts, so will be double scooping with C4 Zero.

BCAA 2:1:1 Blend: Amino acids are essential for a solid pre workout. How many or how few depends on what’s right for you and your goals. Leucine is great at keeping your muscles fed. If you are seriously lifting, then this amino will speed up protein synthesis. Meanwhile Valine is another amino that can aid muscle performance, but it should be bottom of your list as generally it’s thought to have the least impact.

Explosive Energy Blend: Another amino acid in here, this time to help with energy. It’s good to have a heavy dose of arginine and caffeine in here too. This will increase alertness focus and mood. The dose of the caffeine is ideal too, as at 150mg you can safely double scoop without any of the unwanted side effects.


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  1. Quality
    Great taste and no crash
    I was hesitant about buying C4 Zero since I have used C4 Ripped for several months, but I was open to it because Zero is creatine-free (like Ripped). I bought 6 containers and was hopeful that I would like the flavor of Strawberry Watermelon. I have used Zero for a week, and it has helped energize me at 4:45 am for my training. It tastes great! Also, I can feel that there is more caffeine in Zero and makes me sweat more, which is a plus. I will buy Zero from now on!

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