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The Most Effective Transdermal Fat Burner On the Market!

The Most Effective Transdermal Fat Burner On the Market!


•Advanced transdermal formula
•Designed to get rid of hard to lose abdominal fat - fast

Body FX AB-Fx DEFINING COMPLEX Our Exclusive European Formula combines the most advance fat mobilizes available today, with Beta & Alpha Hydroxy Acids that makes your skin smoother while it works.

It's important to note that Ab-Fx helps release stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as energy. It's also important to burn that released fat by exercising or reducing caloric intake so that free fat isn't redeposited.

Xephoniphonyl an exclusive combination of proven ingredients unique to AB-fx, is guaranteed to reduce fat deposits via external applications to problem fatty areas.


•Chaihu (3%) - Works through process of lipolysis to reduce cellulite, firm tissue and hydrate skin.
•Elderberry/Glycerin - Combination provides an osmotic diuretic effect.
•L-Carnitine/Caffeine/CoA (5%, 1%, 150ppm) - Acts like a “one way fat pump”, moving fat deposits across the mitochondria
  1. Quality
    AB FX feels good
    As soon as I started rubbing AB FX into my thighsabs and arms I could feel the heat radiating into my skin. The more I worked on those areas the hotter they felt and the more pumped they looked. Love the feeling of this stuff.
  2. Quality
    Two purchases from abs!
    I like how it feels it gives a warm sensation to the area you're working out.. helps your focus and hopefully tones the area. I think after two purchases I should see results.
  3. Quality
    works quickly easy to use
    Daily use|no bad smell
  4. Quality
    Works like it says!
    The only bad thing about this product is it makes you smell like the lotion which isn't bad its just different. Highly recommend.

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