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Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme

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Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme - Revolutionary Nitric Oxide & Pump Formula! Wider Veins Means High Blood Volume In Your Muscles, Which Is The Essence Of The Pump!

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Revolutionary Nitric Oxide & Pump Formula!

Blackstone Labs is back at it again. You already know that we are always working tirelessly on creating new formulas and making new, exciting, cutting-edge products.

Bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, gym rats, athletes, anyone with a general interest in lifting weights knows how good it feels to chase a seriously nasty pump. We even wrote an in-depth article on it.

We’ve had Hype available for a long time now to help you reach that Arnold Schwarzenegger-level of enthusiasm about getting into that pump climax down. It’s still a great product on its own and serves his own purpose, but we wanted to go deeper. As we began to spiral down deeper, we created something new entirely, as opposed to just giving Hype a facelift.

We are proud to introduce Hype Extreme, a completely new formula that is ready and able to pump you up. Rest assured that this isn’t just Hype 2: Electric Boogaloo. We began by replacing Hype original’s Glycerol monostearate with the trademarked, revolutionary pump agent Hydromax. It consists of 65% glycerol mixed with silica. This makes it 100% water-soluble. No more shaking your bottle into oblivion to remove those chalky chunks floating around. We have also gone ahead and double the dose of glycerol. This is what pulls water into your cells, creating that massive swelling effect. Bring on those skin-shredding, full-feeling pumps with each rep! It’s more than a feeling, too. It also causes your entire body to go into a state of hyperhydration, decreasing dehydration, which we all know can ruin any training session. A 2% occurrence of dehydration can decrease your overall performance by as much as 20%! Weak!

Hype Extreme also boasts a bountiful dose of sodium nitrate. Instead of other substances that have to first convert to arginine before upping NO2, sodium nitrate is a direct source. When absorbed by your body, it converts straight to NO2 and is absorbed very rapidly. This means vasodilation on a massive scale. Wider veins means high blood volume in your muscles, which is the essence of the pump!

The final key to the puzzle was the inclusion of Focus to the formula. We always, always stress the importance of looking good and feeling good. With Focus, you’ll get your pumps, but also so much more. We’re talking increased focus, performance, mental clarity, and heightened awareness. This is what people refer to when they talk about “getting in the zone.” This works by increasing oxygen flow to your brain, on top of raising acetylcholine levels, which is a neurotransmitter that improves cognitive function. Rhodiola Rosea is another Focus that works to reduce fatigue and assist in raising cognitive function as well. Go harder and longer when you’re in the zone for the best results imaginable.

Become the person you’ve always strived to be by exceeding all previous fitness goals. Get Hyped now!


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  1. Quality
    Black stone lab hype
    Probably the worst stim free workout supplement...didn’t give me a pump..waste of money..
  2. Quality
    Bad taste good pump
    Like the summary says bad taste. But good pump.
  3. Quality
    Great Pump and Focus
    So I am a very stimulant-tolerant individual, so for me to actually like and use a non-stim product, that's like squeezing water out of sand. That being said, this product is great. The pump it provides is out of this world. The tunnel-vision and focus just makes me want to attack the weights for hours on end. Additionally, it is great for someone wanting energy before a lengthy cardio session, but not wanting the over-hyped, stimmed out feeling where you think your heart is going to explode. Overall, I highly recommend this product.
  4. Quality
    Best Pump
    Absolutely favorite pre workout. Best pump product I've ever tried, and perfect for after work when I don't want to get a bunch of stimulants late in the day
  5. Quality
    damnn dustt
    great hype but the test like shit, dust pre is better.

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