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Blackstone Labs Dust V2 Extreme Pre-Workout Formula

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Dust V2 Extreme Pre-Workout - Extreme Pre-Workout Formula! We've Evolved the Pre-Workout Game! More Pumps, Strength, Energy And Endurance!
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Dust V2 Extreme - We've Evolved the Pre-workout Game!

 BlackStone Labs Dust V2 Pre-Workout


Two years ago, Blackstone Labs brought the supplement industry to its knees with the strongest, most potent pre-workout formula of All-Time…Angel Dust! Angel Dust not only led the category, but reinvented how bodybuilders, athletes, and formulators would look at pre-workout supplementation. For normal supplement companies a game changer only comes along once a decade, if they’re lucky. For Blackstone Labs, it’s a habit.

Which is exactly why after two years we’ve upped the ante on our own #1 pre-workout supplement. Why did we do that? Because you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse. Maintaining is for losers.


It’s time for DUST! Hair on fire, eyes bugging out of your head, psycho intensity in just ONE scoop. Explosive strength and power, extreme energy, endurance, and fire hose sized veins and pumps. We took all of the feedback from Angel Dust, analyzed the most up-to-date research in the field, and catered toward what you, the athlete, needs to drink for optimal performance. There’s no fillers or junk, but simply the best tasting, highest quality ingredients available on the market! You can’t have the most potent products in the industry and go half-assed on the formula. That means none of the side-effects you hate like cramping, anxiety, or trips to the restroom 10 minutes into your workout. If you thought that the original Angel Dust with Hype was a sick combo, Dust V2 works even better with our:


Nitrious Oxide Booster

Assess your tolerance, ladies and gentleman. Dust is not for the faint of heart. We 100% guarantee once you start on Dust, you won’t “try out” another pre-workout ever again. Thought you couldn’t have better workouts than you did on the original formula? Try again my friends, Dust is about to blow your mind! Strength, endurance, power, and pumps – nothing else matters in a workout!

DUST v2: The Best Pre-workout Ingredients

Beta Alanine reduces lactic acid build up while training allowing for more sets and reps throughout the course of a workout.

L-Taurine increases mental concentration and alertness and can improve your overall sense of well-being. Taurine has proven to regulate oxidative stress, protect against hardening of the arteries, lower blood pressure, support blood sugar levels, and support energy production.

L-Carnitine Tartrate plays a vital role in energy metabolism, specifically the transport of fatty acids into mitochondria where they can be burned for energy. Recent research suggests added support in the way of better performance, testosterone support, and fat metabolism.

Citrulline Malate 2:1 is primarily known to delay the onset of fatigue during high-intensity training and a precursor to nitric oxide allowing for better pumps while training. Citrulline Malate actively delays pH buildup in the muscles. By keeping muscle pH levels at a manageable level, Citrulline Malate aids in recovery and helps to alleviate soreness.

N-Acetly-L Tyrosine benefits include mood enhancement, counteracting negative side effects of stimulants by lowering anxiety, and promoting healthy blood pressure during times of stress.

Velvet Bean Extract is a neurotransmitter that promotes enjoyment and interest in life.

Betaine Anhydrous may boost your production of vital neurotransmitters and support SAM-e levels in order to promote a positive outlook. It may also support body composition changes due to its effect on energy pathways, and might also decrease homocysteine levels, a marker of oxidative stress.

Agmatine Sulfate has been shown to greatly increase hyperaemia and help extend pumps to long after your workout is complete.

L-Norvaline is a form of the branched chain amino acid known as Valine, and while showing some of the nutritional benefits of Valine, L-Norvaline has also been suggested to help support circulation and cardiovascular efficiency. During exercise, it is important to maximize blood flow so that nutrient-rich blood flows to the active muscle tissues. When there isn’t enough blood flow to specific areas, you will feel it in the form of fatigue and muscle failure.

Di-Caffeine Malate generates the same energy and focus as caffeine, but with less stress on the stomach.

Caffeine Anhydrous triggers a range of performance-specific benefits including improved focus, elevated alertness, faster reaction time, reduced fatigue, increased endurance and elevated mood.

Hordenine supports mental and physical energy and a positive mood.

N-Methyl Tyramine supports increases in energy levels, mental focus, and delivers jitter-free energy. It also helps to maintain an improved blood flow to muscles supporting muscle growth and supports the reduction of post workout fatigue. Another benefit is better fat loss as part of a healthy lifestyle as it mobilizes fat by releasing glucose from energy store.

Acofeul improves athletic performance, energy, and mood.

Eduramax (Stearoyl Vaillalaminde 98%) is an electrolyte which enhances endurance and recovery.

Noopept is a Focus supplement, also called cognitive enhancers and brain boosters for their ability to produce positive effects for mental performance. Some of these benefits include improved memory and speed of recall, enhanced learning capacity and attention span, increased mental energy, focus, concentration and clarity of thought. These effects can lead to better decision making, improved problem solving and even more creative thought. Communication between neurons in the brain is improved which enhances their overall efficiency and may even work to keep the brain healthier.

Yohimbine Bark (Std 10%) can lead to increased fat loss especially in “trouble areas” such as the midsection and love handles for men and glutes and thighs for women. Yohimbine can also support sense of well-being and mood and suppress your appetite. In its herbal form, yohimbe has been used for centuries as a performance enhancer and stimulant.


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    Outstanding Pre Workout
    Great muscle swell and pump. When the NO kicks in I go for an hour and half with no problems. Great flavor and overall one of the best.
  2. Quality
    outstanding pump
    Great job on dust v2 (version 2). Awesome pump and the nitro oxide is awesome! ! Good muscle swell.
  3. Quality
    I have used the supplement for a while now and it does not let up each time. If you do not like the shock of high stims I recommend a half scoop to start to test tolerance. This is strong to the point you will have trouble if you take two scoops. It gives a good flow of energy and pretty good pumps. This is my number 1 pre workout of choice.

    Good job blackstone
  4. Quality
    The strongest out there
    let me say that I am in my 40's and as far as pre workout or energy pills I've been there done that.
    Well I can honestly tell you that this product is the strongest I have ever taken. actually too strong for me, so Im giving my 2 containers to a buddy thats younger and can handle it. The feeling I got after 10 minutes was that I was drowning and could hardly breath. This is I know is the beta alanine kicking in as well a the other stimulants. Let me say that I've been taking items with the original 1, 3 D (geranium) for several years and stocked up before it was banned. I would recommend this for younger or those that have a really High Tolerance for stimulants, I thought I did LOL but I guess not. It kicked my ass, I did get incredible energy and focus after the 5 minutes of Hell where I thought I could not breath. So Yes, It does work, Its a potent as it gets and if I were younger I would continue on with it, but at 45 I'm sorry to say its too strong for me. I have to bow out on this one.
  5. Quality
    done it again!!
    Great product, this isn't one of those over powering surge of stupid energy type of p.o.w's, so if your into a rush and crash pre-workout look elsewhere. Dust v2 give constant continuous energy, making it no problem to knock out a 2 hour workout and still have motivation to do what ever it is you need to for the day. Great focus, no jitters, slight to no skin tingles, and a good pump. And at buy one get one free you can't go wrong. Weather your a stim junky or a beginner this is the pow you want.
  6. Quality
    Not as strong as other pre-workout powders I've tried, but gives a small boost to get me started. Flavor is ok. Wasn't impressed with the overall product claims.
  7. Quality
    Slackin at the gym... Get dust
    I've tried too many preworkouts to list here. Dust mixes excellent, tastes great (blue sky) and gives outstanding energy to pound through a 2 hour workout. No jitters, just solid clean energy for hours. Give yourself about 6 hours before bed.
  8. Quality
    Dust V2-solid product
    Great preworkout supplement. Long lasting energy with zero crash. The taste is good and it mixed with water nice. I feel very thirsty after taking a big scoop of this so be shure to drink a lot of water.
  9. Quality
    good product not as strong as they make out on the label you can have a heaped scoop dont need to try half a scoop i havent taken no caffine for 2-3 months so thought this would give a massive hit but not really worth a try but

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