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Beverly International Ultra-C

Beverly International Ultra-C - Bioavailability Enhanced Vitamin C Complex For Overall Health Protection! Unique And Essential Formula For Building And Maintaining Health!

Unique And Essential Formula For Building And Maintaining Health!

Up your “C power”!

Fruits and veggies are the best sources of vitamin C. Yet the average American doesn’t eat enough of either. This can weaken your resistance to colds, flu, and other common stresses. Ultra-C comes to the rescue by boosting your “C power” to the promised land with 2000 mg of sustained-release vitamin C per tablet, double the strength of most Vitamin-C products.

Size: 1 tablet (100 servings)

•    Wellness
•    Recovery

Why people like it
•    With 2000 mg of USP-verified vitamin C, equivalent to 16 cups of orange juice, one tablet is all you need.
•    Acerola cherry extract, bioflavonoids from 100% whole lemon, and a tablet designed to release its contents for up to 4 hours supports maximum bioavailability.

Who it’s ideal for
•    Anyone who leads a busy, high-stress lifestyle and feels they may not be getting enough Vitamin C from their diet.

Secrets to Success
•    Take 1 tablet daily.

What people are saying
(The following testimonials have been sourced online and may have been edited for the sake of grammar and/or space.)

Preacherdavid says: I began using Vitamin C as a teenager to ward off colds, flu, sinus, and allergy problems. Then, after an eye injury, the eye surgeon recommended Vitamin C to limit the bruising. The more you work out, and the more stress in your life, the greater the need. Ultra-C is twice as potent as anyone else's product. I've compensated by taking two tablets one day (breakfast and supper) and one tablet the next (lunch). Because the tablet is sustained-release, this pattern keeps loaded with Vitamin C.”

Pat267 says: “Usually what you find are the 1000-mg vitamin C tablets, so this one has double the power and a time-released effect to help last all day long. Since using it, I haven’t caught a cold and feel more energetic. Totally recommend it.”

SQ Bubble says: “This is awesome! I haven’t gotten sick since I’ve been taking them, and it makes me more active. As soon as I feel a slight cold symptom or the like, I take 1 of these and any symptoms go away. It’s a solid product and helps in muscle recovery. FYI, I take 1 tablet when I work out and when it’s really cold outside or I feel weak or tired. It helps a lot!”


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  1. Quality
    Ultra C
    The only downside for me of this product is the size. That freaking pill is huge! Overall great product so far and ordering from A1 Supplements was easy and they shipped it out quick.
  2. Quality
    Ultra C decreases muscle soreness and joint immobility
    I love Beverly products. No hype, just results. Likewise with Ultra C. You wouldn't think that a timed-release Vitamin C supplement makes a difference- but I've trained with and without Ultra C and have noticed a difference. Suffering from an autoimmune illness, resistance training is important. However, recovery with its resulting muscle soreness and joint stiffness can be a detriment. When taking Ultra C, I notice an extra 2-5% improvement in overall wellbeing, as well as a remarkable decrease in both soreness and joint stiffness. Colds are reduced if not eliminated entirely. Wonderful product, at a great price!

    When taken with other Beverly products, Ultra C really boosts recovery and health (Vita Tabs, Glutamine, Ultra 40, Mass Aminos, EFA, and Ultra C) from resistance training.
  3. Quality
    Ultra C
    Ultra C vitamins is wonderful in helping keep my immune system strong.

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