Beverly International Joint Care

Joint Care Is A Comprehensive Blend Of Connective Tissue Builders And Lubricators Supports Joint Comfort And Mobility! Developed From The Latest Research On Joint Health!

Developed From The Latest Research On Joint Health!


Take the ache out of hard training.

It’s a familiar catch-22: You train heavy and hard several days a week so that you can look and feel great. But the repetitive nature of your workouts –most of us perform the same exercises over and over again- takes a toll on your joints.

That’s why we created Joint Care. This comprehensive blend of connective tissue builders and lubricators supports joint comfort and mobility, with results noticeable within a few weeks when used as directed. While it may cost a bit more than other joint products, as clients regularly tell Beverly, the results are worth it. That’s why many have been taking it for years.

Size: 90 capsules (30 servings)

•    Wellness
•    Recovery

Why people like it
•    It works! Beverly clients regularly tell us that Joint Care diminishes flare-ups provoked by frequent, high-intensity workouts. Many of them have tried other joint products, with unsatisfying results.
•    Comprehensive, synergistic formula: Joint Care contains a synergistic blend of joint builders and lubricators including hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, plus the trace minerals manganese and boron.* Manganese and boron are required by enzymes involved in the maintenance of joint health.

Who it’s ideal for
•    Hard-training athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all kinds: bodybuilders and other lifters, football players, runners, golfers, tennis players, etc.

Secrets to Success
•    For prevention of normal exercise-related joint discomfort, take 3 capsules, once daily, with a meal.
•    For existing joint issues, take 3 capsules, 3 times daily, with meals.*
•    40 years of age and older: For maximum joint and muscle strength, stack Joint Care with Muscle Synergy tablets or powder.

What people are saying
(The following testimonials have been sourced online and may have been edited for the sake of grammar and/or space.)

DarrenN says: “Like many of us who hit the gym on a regular basis, I have my fair share of random pains. Mine is my shoulder. I started taking Joint Care, after about a week the pain was less, after a month it was close to gone. It really works. I was blown away by that. I'll be taking this product for a long time.”

VeronicaP says: “Love this supplement. Have recommended it to many people. No joint pain for me.”

Glen says: “I've tried many products with zero results. But this joint support product I believe has helped. After using it, I didn't reorder, and my hip began to hurt again. Upon re-starting, my hip improved within a few days. In other words, I keep extra on hand. I will continue to buy this product.”

Tanman says: “I have been taking Joint Care for 3 years. I have tried all the competitors and nothing has worked as well. I lift daily and need something for my hips shoulders and knees. Joint Care stands alone as far as I'm concerned.”

Nickthegerman says: “This is actually one of the better joint care supplements out there because both the glucosamine and chondroitin are the sulfate version which is absorbed by the body better than the hydrochloride version found in cheaper products. If you consider taking a different joint supplement be sure to check the label because not all ingredients are equal.”

MichaelB says: “I took your advice and have been taking 12-15/day. Sandy & Roger should call these magic pills. My elbow is now almost pain free! I started lifting again this week for the first time in over a month. No elbow strap and no pain! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised because I already know how great your products are! I am a personal trainer during the day and a drummer at night. My elbows take quite the pounding. I won't ever stop taking joint care again! Thanks a million!”

Robslider says: “If you do much running this is a good supplement. It has helped me keep my ankles in better shape and keep my knees from hurting as much when I run.”


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  1. Beverly International Joint Care

    Works Great!
    A simple, old school joint formula that WORKS! Nothing fancy, just tried and true.
  2. Beverly International Joint Care

    Beverly Joint Care
    Joint Care is a premium joint tissue building formula which includes Boron.
  3. Beverly International Joint Care

    the best
    I have been taking joint care for three years I have tried all the competitors and nothing has worked as well. I lift daily and need something for my hips shoulders and knees. Joint Care stands alone as far as I'm conserned

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