Beverly International Glutamine Select Plus BCAAs

Scientifically Dosed Glutamine Plus BCAAs For Muscle Recovery And Anabolism! Benefits: Recovery, Muscle Building And Preservation As Well As Performance!

Synergistic Formula For Building Muscle Size And Strength!


Say goodbye to soreness.

If your muscles are still feeling sore from your last workout, you may not be able to give it your all at the next one. This is just one of the reasons why hard-training athletes of all kinds love Glutamine Select. Its Scientifically Dosed blend of glutamine and BCAAs helps stop muscle soreness in its tracks so you can recover faster between workouts.

Size: 552 g (62 servings)

Flavor: Natural Black Cherry

•    Recovery
•    Muscle Building & Preservation
•    Performance

Why people like it
•    The results: Glutamine Select helps alleviate muscle soreness, quicken recovery, boost anabolism, and keep you hydrated.
•    Many clients use Glutamine Select to reduce cravings and preserve muscle on a calorie-restricted diet.
•    Unique formula: Glutamine Select contains 8,000 mg total of high quality glutamine and BCAAs in the same doses shown to enhance lean muscle and strength in a clinical study.
•    60 servings!

Who it’s ideal for
•    Hard-training athletes who frequently perform high-intensity or prolonged, exhaustive workouts (e.g. CrossFit, MMA, triathletes).
•    Many athletes consider Glutamine Select to be the best product of its kind for reducing muscle soreness and quickening recovery.
•    Anyone on a calorie-restricted (e.g. fat-loss or cutting) diet.

Secrets to Success
•    Mix 2 scoops of Glutamine Select with 12-16 oz of water and drink during and immediately after workouts to reduce muscle soreness, quicken recovery, and boost anabolism.
•    Before extra-grueling workouts, IFBB fitness pro Julie Lohre mixes 1-2 scoops with water in a blender bottle and sips on it during training. She says it makes a big difference in how sore her body feels in the days that follow.
•    If you are on a calorie-restricted diet, drink Glutamine Select in between meals to help alleviate cravings and protect lean muscle.

What people are saying
(The following testimonials have been sourced online and may have been edited for the sake of grammar and/or space.)

Sylvia A says: “I am elated to give you a review on Glutamine Select. I have been out of competition for 4 years and am preparing to make a return. Glutamine Select is an awesome choice for muscle recovery. I’m a figure competitor, and I just can’t have sore muscles. This product prevents the soreness and helps me recover quickly.”

Daniell says: “Glutamine Select takes the soreness out!”

Michael J says: “I’ve been using Glutamine Select for 2 weeks now. I take it during and after my intense workouts. It keeps my endurance at its peak. I love this stuff. I compared it to a different brand and it doesn't have the same results. Also I love the black cherry flavor. Nice and tart.”

Tom S says: “Easily the best glutamine product I have used. Quality ingredients, easy to take, and the black cherry flavor is phenomenal.”

Anthony S says: “Best glutamine product hands down. There’s a reason Beverly has been around for so long, and that is because their products flat-out work! This stuff is great. 60 scoops last quite some time. Not only do you get 5 grams of high quality glutamine per scoop, but you get leucine as well. Buy this product. You will be kicking yourself that you didn’t. I stack it with Creatine Select as well.”


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  1. Beverly International Glutamine Select Plus BCAAs

    I started using this product after many attempts with cheaper products that did not do the job as well. This Glutmaine and BCAAs formula has increased my performance as well as allowing me to have a smooth recovery minus the muscle soreness.
  2. Beverly International Glutamine Select Plus BCAAs

    Excellent product
    Easy to take excellent flavor

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