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Betancourt Nutrition B-Nox Androrush

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Betancourt Nutrition B-Nox Androrush - Testosterone Boosting Pre-Workout Formula With Nitric Oxide, Tribulus & ZMA! For energy, B-NOX Combines N-Acetyl Tyrosine, Glucuronolactone, Caffeine Anhydrous & Theobromine!

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Pre-Workout Intensifying Drink Mix!



The pre-workout category has recently divided into two major classes: the concentrated pre-workout, and the larger serving performance based pre-workout. With both categories you'll find the ingredients between the competition to be similar, if not identical. So if a customer asks for something new or complains of a tolerance buildup to stimulants; what new innovation can you really offer them?

is the first pre-workout nitric oxide to offer a testosterone boosting blend promoted to enhance aggression and the pump during exercise. For energy, BULLNOX combines N-Acetyl Tyrosine, Glucuronolactone, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Theobromine for the ultimate, sustained energy rush with less chance of 'crash' or 'jitters.


  • 3 Forms of Creatine for boosting strength, Carnosyn Beta-Alanine for boosting muscular endurance.
  • Endocrine Ignition blend (for boosting testosterone) featuring Tribulus, ZMA, and Maca extract for promoting "TESTOSTERONE INFUSED PUMPS".
  • Anabolic Solidification blend featuring BCAA's, for promoting Protein Synthesis and Nitric Oxide, simultaneously.
  • 0 sugar, 0 side effects, and No cycling necessary.
  • Multiple, delicious flavors.


California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.



Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    Fruit Punch
    Awesome. Great ingredients, helps with endurance and no jitters.
  2. Quality
    Strawberry lemonade flavor
    Flavor isn’t bad at all. But idk, the blend seems to do nothing for me. Not sure I would buy again.
  3. Quality
    Good pre workout
    Always a reliable good pre workout, Grape taste good, has all the essential ingredients for the most part. It’s one I always keep coming back too!
  4. Quality
    Good stuff
    B-Nox has become my go-to pre-workout. I like it because I can feel it working without all the tingle and itchiness I have gotten with other pre-workouts. I haven't noticed any difference regarding testosterone, but that's not the primary reason I use this.
  5. Quality
    Best pre-workout
    I do MMA and have tried about 13 different top marketed pre-workouts, this is by far the best for an MMA fighter, it makes you more aggressive and gives you the power to complete your mission.
  6. Quality
    Overall good
    Great product, no tingle most days, little tingle here and there. I've had some good workouts with it, but c4 is better IMO. I'll look else where next time, you can take up to 3 scoops only ever took 1. That being said if you took 3 scoops, it wouldn't last long 10 workouts.
  7. Quality
    Great Test Boosting Preworkout
    B-nox is more than a preworkout. One of the comments says that it is all fake when people say it is the best preworkout on the market. He compares it to C4 and other name brands. The problem with comparing it to the other brands is that this is a different type of preworkout all together. Rather than focusing on the caffeine portion they give you the test booster. Dont expect the same caffeine high that you get from C4, rather you have to get your body used to the test booster to actually feel the effects. This is an EVERYDAY SUPPLEMENT, not an energy drink.
  8. Quality
    Good Product for the Cost
    First pre-workout I've ever used. I've been using it for about three weeks now and have overall enjoyed and benefited from it.

    A few Pros:
    -It gets you hyped up to lift
    -The Oxide makes you feel like your getting a good pump in (veins you didn't know you had)
    -the caffeine and all the other "ines" will carry you through whatever you're doing for a good hour or so as long as you've eaten well throughout the day

    -I'll occasionally get really anxious while taking it.. even if I'm not moving fast there's typically chest pressure involved
    -I get pretty itchy for about 10-15 minutes after taking it... I know for some people that's a good thing like the pre-workout is kicking in

    I've lifted for quite a while without any pre-workouts and having used b-nox I'm not totally convinced it'll help the quality of workout. It will however, help in getting your ass off the couch and out banging weights.
  9. Quality
    Very bad
    A lot of these reviews seem to be biased and very unbelievable but I believe honestly they are fake. This pre workout is the worst I have used and I am comparing it to , c4 extreme, grenade, on, eca stack and plain old x2shots of coffee on a good machine and no sugar. This did absolutely nothing for me, I tried it empty stomach , full stomach after a meal ... half a pot through now and its absolute crap. Some of these reviews make me laugh... like helps me recover faster and i can push more reps.... those things should come from hard work and a good diet not a pre workout ... its not a miracle drug .... I have been training for 10 years and been around a few pros to teach me so I'm not a dummy but trust me when i say this is useless.
  10. Quality
    Great product

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