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Beast Sports Carnitine

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Burn Fat Like A Beast! Provides Energy & Endurance By Turning Fat Into Fuel! Carnitine’s Role In Fatty-Acid Transport Enhances The Rate At Which Your Body Can Use Fat For Energy Production!

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Burn Fat Like A Beast! Provides Energy & Endurance By Turning Fat Into Fuel!



Carnitine is a naturally occurring dipeptide synthesized in the liver and kidneys from the essential amino acids lysine and methionine. The “L” in L-carnitine refers the biologically active form of the molecule which helps with the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are broken apart to produce energy.

Unbeknownst to many,burning fat” is actually a two-step process. Step one involves the liberation or release of fatty acids from fat cells into the bloodstream while step two involves the transport of fatty acids from the blood into the cytosol of an energy consuming cell and across the mitochondrial membrane. Importantly, the degree to which fat is “burnt” correlates directly to the degree of energy demand and the speed with which fats can be transported into, broken down and oxidized in the mitochondria. Poor fatty acid transport or low numbers of mitochondria = poor fat burning ability and a consequential reliance upon carbohydrates for fuel.

Scientific research suggests that supplementing with 2-3g of L-carnitine/day may:

Increase fat-burning

Carnitine’s role in fatty-acid transport enhances the rate at which your body can use fat for energy production. This helps with body re-composition by burning a higher percentage of fat for fuel throughout the day and during exercise.* Because of this carbohydrate sparing effect, carnitine may boost muscle endurance by sparing muscle glycogen.
Burn fat faster and longer!

Support metabolic rate and blood flow

Through its impact on fat oxidation, carnitine supplementation may also elevate your resting metabolic rate, or the total calories burnt in a day, irrespective of voluntary exercise. It may also help support blood flow by increasing nitric oxide production which supports blood vessel dialation.

Expend more calories without additional exercise!

Stimulate muscle growth

Androgen receptors (AR) on the outside of muscle cells mediate the effects of testosterone on muscle fiber growth. L-carnitine may enhance the body’s adaptive response to heavy resistance training by increasing the expression of ARs on muscle tissue. It may also support the expression of IGF-1, growth factor associate with the production of natural growth hormone already within a normal range.
Feed and grow hard working muscles!

Reduce muscle damage and boost recovery

A recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research demonstrated that supplementing daily with ~2 grams of L-carnitine tartrate (found in BEAST Carnitine) for three weeks reduced markers of oxidative stress and muscle soreness in response to intense resistance exercise. L-carnitine may also help suppress muscle tissue breakdown by reducing protein levels associated with catabolism.

Don’t miss an opportunity to maximize fat loss and muscle gains with BEAST cutting-edge L-Carnitine blend.


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