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Arouse Her Sexual Interest In YOU!

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Arouse Her Sexual Interest In YOU!

  • More glances, interest, and eye contact from females of all ages
  • Increased sex appeal
  • Increased dating and opportunities for sex
  • Rekindling of your current relationship
  • A relaxing, positive effect on those around you
  • Being approached by women more often
  • Higher self-confidence
  • Increased respect and focus on you by others

ANY girl, Any time. Only with AXCITE!

Have you ever met a girl that you just "clicked" with and had instant chemistry? Have you ever noticed that some guys are always the center of attention with women? Have you ever had a girl tell you she really likes your smell, when ironically, you weren't wearing any cologne? Did you know that some women living together or working in the same office will often share the exact same menstrual cycle? Something is going on here, and each situation has "something" in common. That "something" is an unspoken and powerful chemical language that humans communicate with on a very instinctive and subconscious level. That language is the language of pheromones.

"Only AXCITE will give you the edge to create INSTANT sexual chemistry with the opposite sex! "

Pheromones are a well-established system of communication that animals and people use to communicate on a subconscious level. Pheromones are chemicals that signal a specific behavioral response such as defense, territorial rites, and even the desire to have sex. You can't see them, smell them, or taste them, but they are there, affecting our actions and reactions unbeknownst to us, all the time.

For guys, attraction is simple. We see a hot a girl, and we know instantly if we're sexually attracted to her based on that visual stimulus. For women, it's not so simple. How many times have you seen a gorgeous girl with a guy who's just average? I bet you asked yourself "How'd that happen?" And when's the last time the "nice guy" got all the girls? Unfortunately, that never happens. Women base their attraction to men on a POWERFUL, instinctive feeling they get. Women just know. And guess what? Now YOU can make any woman KNOW that YOU are the one she's sexually attracted to with AXCITE! How is this possible?


Location of the VNO in the human nasal Cavity

There are countless studies and reports that PROVE the effects of human sex pheromones, demonstrating that humans DO produce and DO react to pheromones! For example, in controlled experiments, women exposed to men's axillary pheromones found the men they viewed MUCH more sexually attractive! Another study revealed that 74% of women, when exposed to sex pheromones, reported more sexual intercourse with men! They also reported increases in formal dates, petting, affection, kissing, and a greater desire to sleep closer to their partner! A similar study conducted with men exposed to sex pheromones concluded with similar results, as men reported more sexual intercourse, affection, kissing, and dates! Further discoveries in science are supporting the influence of pheromones on human sexual behavior with the discovery of the gene V1RL1 that codes for a pheromone receptor in people!



Sexual Responsiveness in Women!

Unfortunately, due to evolution, our bodies no longer produce enough pheromones naturally to be sensed and thus to stimulate this kind response in women. Our attention to hygiene certainly doesn't help either. In the shower, we wash off the pheromones we produce. We cover them up with the deodorants and colognes we wear, and our clothes prevent our pheromones from becoming airborne! But that doesn't mean you should stop showering and wearing deodorant, or that you should run around naked! Now you can see why so many men have such a hard time establishing INSTANT chemistry with women.

How Does the AXCITE Formula Work?!

AXCITE contains a precise ratio of ultra potent human sex pheromones GUARANTEED to make women notice you! AXCITE is an Alpha Male blend and will make you feel more confident, making women sense that YOU are the dominant, male leader of the pack! Alpha Males provide, protect, and carry strong reproductive genes. Biologically, women are hard wired to desire that characteristic in a mate.

While AXCITE smells just as good as any cologne you'd wear, because pheromones are odorless, women will never know you're wearing them. But, they WILL mysteriously find themselves intimately aroused by you! You'll notice more glances, more smiles, more women mingling closer to you, flirting with you, and more women talking to you! Women will WANT dates with you, and they'll feel so at-ease and comfortable around you they won't be able to resist their sexual interest in you! AXCITE doesn't just open the door for instant chemistry and sexual attraction with virtually any woman, it kicks that evolutionary door wide open!

Chemical Breakdown of the AXCITE Formula


Dominance. Sexual Attraction. Respect.

These are all characteristic of Androstenone, known as the "Male" pheromone, allowing men to signal that THEY are the Alpha Male in the room. Androstenone allows users to radiate a supremely dominant aura, which when felt by women nearby, may increase your chances of getting noticed and even being approached by those women! Women have a strong sexual preference for the Alpha Male, and the enhanced sexual vibe you'll be exuding may increase the subconscious level of sexual tension felt for YOU by women! Additionally, being the Alpha Male commands a sense of respect from others towards you. It results in people treating you better, with more fairness and politeness than would otherwise be given to you.


Great. So you've attracted a lot of women standing nearby. Now what?

Women are just as nervous approaching men as men are approaching women. All it takes is a simple "hello," which ironically, hardly seems simple at the time. What's needed is an "Ice Breaker," something to get the two of you chatting, and that's the power behind Androstenol. Composed of both alpha and beta isomers, Androstenol has the ability to make you appear friendlier and more approachable. Allowing for conversation to flow, Androstenol also seems to subconsciously enhance the feelings of caring and romance a woman feels for you. These are feelings that generally take a long time to cultivate between two people, yet Androstenol seems to ease the process. Ultimately, this increases sexual attraction. Fortifying these feelings, Androstenol also projects a sense of youth, vitality, and health, all of which communicate the sexually attractive, biological trait of reproductive fitness.


Being a Man, what does that mean?

Women associate masculinity with the ability of a man to be dominant, providing safety, protection, and reliability. Androsterone (yes, the same Androsterone this is in our powerful pro-hormone, 3-AD) communicates just that. Androsterone is a pheromone found only in humans. Working in synergy with androstenone, this pheromone may increase the amount of respect and politeness expressed towards you, which is a pivotal cue women pay close attention to when seeking out a partner. Working in even further synergy with the chatty effects elicited by alpha-Androstenol, this pheromone has also been shown to have mood elevating effects on women when they inhale it, ultimately easing anxiety, allowing conversation to flow, and increasing her sexual attraction to you more and more every minute. Finally, Androsterone has been reported by many to increase the effectiveness of other pheromones being used at the same time.


When she's relaxed and her guard is let down, anything is possible.

Androstadienone is known as the "Love Pheromone" as its effects on women's attention and social cognition are quite powerful. Like Androsterone, this pheromone is known for elevating a woman's mood, reducing nervousness, and other negative feelings. However, it goes even further by increasing the sense of comfort and intimacy felt by a woman, which is perfect for those up close, cozy, and intimate moments.


Ever go out to the bar or a party where one guy seems to be the life of the party, the one every girl seems to want to talk to? Part of the reason he's so successful is because of the mood he's projecting! If you're fun to be around, people will want to be around YOU.


You don't always bump into the women you'd like to attract right away.

Sometimes it takes a while. And when that time comes, the last thing you need is for the formula to have worn off and lost its effects. Androstadienol was added to the AXCITE formula to prolong AXCITE's effects so you're always ready when the time is right. Androstadienol acts as a powerful sex pheromone, and friendly bacteria on your skin will convert Androstadienol into Androstenol. By the time Androstenol's effects have worn off, new Androstenol is being created, prolonging AXCITE's effects! So if you happen to bump into that girl you've been looking for all night on your way out, you can trust that she'll take notice as you pass by! Our bet is that your night won't be ending as soon as you previously thought!

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