Athletic Edge Creatine RT

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Provides 20% Greater Muscle Creatine Absorption Than Creatine Alone! Creatine And Russian Tarragon Extract Combined!

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Provides 20% Greater Muscle Creatine Absorption Than Creatine Alone!

  • Dramatically Increase Creatine Uptake With Specialized, Research Supported Russian Tarragon Extract. NO CARBS/SUGAR NEEDED.
  • NO Sugar, NO Fillers, NO Fluff, just Dramatic RESULTS
  • 100% Pure Patented German made Creapure
  • ONCE a day Creatine
  • The Perfect Alternative for Creatine NON-RESPONDERS
  • No Loading Phase Necessary!
  • FULL MONTH supply!

ATHLETIC EDGE CREATINE RTThe World's First & Only Clinically Supported Creatine & Russian Tarragon Extract Combination. NO CARBS/SUGAR NEEDED. The Consumption of Huge Amounts of Fat Inducing, Physique Destroying Sugar with your Creatine is NOW A Thing Of The Past!

Forget loading up on mounds of sugar to enhance creatine absorption; we bring you the biggest breakthrough in the science of creatine supplementation since creatine itself.

Russian Tarragon Extract

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