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AST Dymetadrine Xtreme

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High Performance Thermogenic Intensifier For Energy And Fat Loss!
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High Performance Thermogenic Intensifier For Energy And Fat Loss!

I'm sure most of you have taken energy supplements before and probably with some fair results. But... you have never taken an energy and fat burning supplement like Dymetadrine Xtreme. Dymetadrine Xtreme is one of the most advanced and effective theromogenic supplement made.

Dymetadrine Xtreme not only redefines the entire category of energy and pre-workout supplementation, but it takes thermogenic fat burning to an entire new level. With Dymetadrine Xtreme, not only do you have more energy to train, but your body's metabolism shifts in to high gear burning more calories and melting more body fat than ever.

Dymetadrine Xtreme produces what is called a nutrient-partitioning effect. Nutrient partitioning is where your body shuttles more nutrients into lean tissue and away from adipose (fat) tissue. This means that more of the calories you consume go toward supporting lean muscle mass growth and away from fat synthesis.
  1. Quality
    great energy booster!
    it's a great energy booster and always gives me a good kick in the gym and whenever I'm out of energy in my life!|the only downside of it is that i lose muscles if I take it regularly. so I just take it on my workout days.
  2. Quality
    Very happy with this product gives me lots of energy for my workout and helps me wake up in the morning. I can't take after the morning or I won't sleep at night. Takes 45 to 90 minutes to fully kick in. Would be good if the packaging would say how much caffeine it contains
  3. Quality
    I would buy this product again.
    I use it before teaching a class and before eating breakfast.
  4. Quality
    My #1 Favorite
    Good product. Used every day with no side effects

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