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CLA Promote Muscle Gain Over Fat Gain!

CLA Promote Muscle Gain Over Fat Gain!

CLA - Conjugated Linoleic Acid - is not a new discovery as some magazines would have you believe. However, better understandings of its effects are leading to potential applications that are extremely new and exciting. AST Sports Science was the first company to report on CLA's possible benefits to the athlete over two years ago, and recent studies are backing up our predictions.

CLA was discovered by accident in 1978 by Michael W. Pariza at the University of Wisconsin while looking for mutagen formations in meat during cooking. CLA, found naturally in many animal products, consists of positional and geometric isomers of linoleic acid. The difference between the two, centers around CLA's conjugated double bonds at carbon atoms 10 and 12 or 9 and 11. The 9 cis, 11 trans isomer is considered the most biologically active form of CLA.

Although all the intricacies of CLA are not fully understood, it is widely accepted in the research community that CLA counterbalances the negative effects of linoleic acid and regulates fat and protein metabolism in animals. Pariza, director of the Food Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin said, "A growing body of data indicates that CLA is a newly recognized nutrient that functions to regulate energy retention and metabolism."

Food intake efficiency! CLA has been shown in animal studies to increase growth rate through increased feed efficiency. In controlled studies, animals that had their diets supplemented with CLA increased their body protein (muscle tissue) while at the same time, had a significant decrease in body fat. This all occurred in the CLA supplemented animals while their food intake was decreased. Their lean mass increased even though they were eating less! This indicates that CLA increases feed efficiency and also points to a potent nutrient repartitioning effect.

Actual human studies are on the way with anticipation of similar outcomes. CLA may be the most significant bodybuilding nutrient discovered in this decade. With anti-catabolic effects rivaling even the strongest compounds, CLA is a naturally occurring nutrient with the ability to help you pack on lean muscle, reduce body fat and at the same time possesses health promoting properties.

CLA occurs naturally in foods such as milk, cheese, beef, and lamb as well as many processed foods. One processed food in particular that's high in CLA is Cheez Wiz. But getting enough CLA from your diet for the preferred benefit would require considerable intake of these types of foods. This is not only impractical, but would also have a seriously negative impact on your metabolism due to the high caloric penalty you would pay.

Since this research has surfaced, a more economical and efficient way to get the required CLA has been devised. Through advanced lipid technology, a CLA synthesizing process allows for precision intake through premeasured softgel capsules. This allows for precise CLA intake at determined time intervals without the high calorie food consumption. Not only has CLA been shown to increase muscle mass while reducing body fat, studies have also shown remarkable anti-catabolic, antioxidant, immune enhancement benefits.

Questions And Answers

Would you recommend taking CLA? Or, is this something that I could eliminate?

Don't eliminate the "good fat" you are currently getting in AST Sports Science's CLA 1000. Fat in your diet serves a vital purpose for the body. Fat acts as a structural component for all cell membranes and supplies necessary chemical substrates for hormonal production. Fat protects vital organs and carries fat-soluble vitamins. The bottom line is that your body needs fat-so don't try to avoid it completely. Many experts feel that 26-30 percent of your total dietary calories should come from fat.

There are two types of fat. Saturated fat, which is considered bad; and unsaturated, which is considered to be good fat. Some people add fat like flax seed oil, olive oil, and/or canola oil to their diets to make sure they meet their body's requirements. CLA would also be considered good fat. Studies have shown that CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) can help build muscle, reduce body fat, and induce an optimum cellular environment for improved health.

I've used AST Sports Science's CLA 1000 in the past with great results--and it will again be a regular part of my structured supplementation program when my upcoming contest has been completed. During this year's dieting phase, I kept my good fats by adding canola oil to my eating regimen.

What the heck is "good fat"? Is AST Sports Science's CLA considered to be good fat?

Essential fatty acids (Omega-3) are considered to be good fats. I am certain to get essential fatty acid into my diet through AST Sports Science's CLA 1000 and flax seed oil.

Good fat will not necessarily make you fat--as long as your diet is calorie-conscious and nutritionally balanced.

Good fat will actually help you lose your unwanted body fat--if you keep the total of fat well within the total daily calories you need to burn every day. Essential fats in the right proportion of your total calories consumed can actually augment the metabolic processes in the body the help you get and stay lean.

The typical bodybuilder's diet avoids fat. If you are a bodybuilder, workout on a consistent basis, or a hard training athlete, you need to be careful not to totally eliminate fat from your eating regimen. Your chances of being deficient of these good fatty acids are increased because of your demand and utilization of nutrients.

Essential fatty acids are essential nutrients for all bodybuilders, people who workout on a consistent basis, or a hard training athlete. This good fat starts the process of creating all other fatty acids and hormone precursors needed to build lean muscle.

Essential fatty acid provides fuel that's needed to fuel your intense workouts and productive lives. Essential fatty acids actually play a very important role in your body's functions. Essential Omega-3 fatty acids are ultimately converted in the body to hormone-like components that regulate every biological process. In fact, there are over 1,000 biological actions of essential fatty acids. Some of which include affect smooth muscle, regulate reflexes, manufacture hormones, help in the body's immune response building healthy cell walls, transporting oxygen to the body cells, keeping saturated fat moving in the blood stream, and is the number one energy source for the heart muscle.

Essential fatty acids have been found to be essential for optimum health and athletic performance. Most Americans today are deficient in these critical nutrients. Recent studies have discovered that up to 20 percent of the population show an undetectable amount of Omega-3 in the blood levels. That's not good.

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