Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pump

Skin-Tearing Pumps And Vascularity, Delivers Explosive Energy & Intensity, Amplifies Strength, Lean Mass & Creatine-Free!

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Ion-3 Nitrate Technology: The World's First Molecularly Modified Arginine Formula!


"Super Nitric Oxide" Formula With Arginine Nitrate!

•Skin-tearing pumps and vascularity
•Delivers explosive energy & intensity
•Amplifies strength, power & lean mass

Experience the ultimate muscle building pump!

Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with MusclePharm scientists and together they created a revolutionary weight gainer. In order to stimulate rapid muscle growth (and do this without spurring fat development) it takes both calories and precise nutrient partitioning to create the muscle building environment an athlete needs. As a whole new kind of all-in-one Mass Gainer, this supplement addresses every angle of muscle building. It utilizes a 5-stage Mass Delivery System, comprised of advanced protein technology, elite complex carbs, healthy fats, cutting-edge performance ingredients and a balanced digestive blend—plus it.s low in sugar and tastes delicious!

Iron Pump utilizes "super nitric oxide" ion-3 nitrate technology to open up blood pathways into the muscles, improving the effectiveness of the ordinary molecule. As the world's first molecularly-modified arginine, L-Arginine Nitrate is a fusion of l-arginine and nitric acid that increases blood flow to enhance distribution of nutrients. (In general, nitrates open up blood vessels to help promote nutrient delivery and amplify athletic performance, leading to improved strength, recovery and muscle mass.) Arginine creates nitric oxide to support vascularity and strength while supporting healthy natural growth hormone levels. Highly-absorbable nitrate, a derivative of nitric acid, enlarges muscles' blood pathways, activates smooth muscle tissue and enlarges arteries, veins and capillaries. This maximizes blood flow to areas like your biceps, triceps and quads.

Iron Pump leaves you primed, ready to attack your workout and experience mind blowing-pumps, vascularity and explosive energy.

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pump

    Good Energy.
    It gave me that pump i was chasing but i reacted to it by breaking out. It's all about trial and error!
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pump

    Good burst of energy without the feeling of your skin crawling.
    I have used 3 different pre-workouts. This one is the right one for me. Get the burst of energy without that tingling, skin-crawling sensation. Does well with fatigue during the workouts, which has helped me out. I'm no gym expert and most of this stuff is new to me, but I would suggest this one to anyone. The pineapple mango has a sweet flavor but is decent. Has been the only flavor I have tried.
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pump

    Not very impressed
    It comes with a sweet taste at first and goes to after taste. I do not feel great energy from it. I do however notice vascularity. No muscle tearing pumps though.
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pump

    Very Impressedworks great!
    I'm very impressed with this stuff! I kinda thought Arnold was just going to put his name on a product and it'd sell just for that reason. However ANY name could be on it and I'd still use it... This stuff is very similar to the older jack3d/1MR complexes before 13dmaa and other things got discontinued. It gives an intense surge of energy about 10 minutes after taking it. I immediately get a
  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pump

    Great focus and energy.
    I used the product 20 minutes prior to my workout and I felt it right away. Great product and it has only been on the market for a number of days. I was able to recover in between sets quickly and had no jitters or shakiness. Loved everything about it. I'm going to order the other two flavors too. The watermelon tastes sweet but it is fine with me. Especially since I have tried some pretty garba

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