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Plasmagen Nitrate - Complete Workout & Recovery System! Skin-Splitting Pumps, Insane VO2 Max (Aerobic Capacity) And Endurance, Explosive Strength And Power!

Complete Workout & Recovery System!


Now you can have the FULL-BLOWN POWER of a pre-workout powder in the convenience of a capsule.


Plasmagen Nitrate delivers a perfect synergy of ingredients that allows its user to achieve these essential results.


• Skin-splitting pumps
• Roadmap vascularity/vasodialation -Insane VO2 max (aerobic capacity) and endurance
• Explosive strength and power
• Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity
• Eliminates lactic acid, ammonia and other workout related toxins
• Improved recovery rates


With results you can see and feel in just a few short workouts, Plasmagen Nitrate is the perfect compliment to your current and future supplement protocol. Get yours today and see for yourself why so many have been completely amazed by the unrivaled results of this incredible product.


Plasmagen Nitrate delivers:


• Explosive increases in anaerobic and aerobic performance, strength, and muscular endurance
• Radical improvements in muscle contraction and muscle growth
• Dramatic boost in oxygen utilization
• Significantly delayed onset of muscle fatigue
• Unparalleled rapid recovery
• Elevated protein synthesis leading to dense, lean muscle mass
• Enhanced nitric-oxide synthesis, producing extreme vascularity and pump
• Improved glycogen synthesis
• Dramatic increases in fatty-acid metabolization, leading to noticeable fat-loss
• Improvement in sexual performance
• Elevated mitochondrial function, fat metabolism, and myocardial health
• Potent antioxidant support and immune enhancement


Once you try Plasmagen Nitrate, you will never again settle for less! Challenge us!


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  1. Quality
    Great results and pump
    I started taking these after I weened off of mesomorphs because I wasn’t feeling anything on the morphs and they aren’t that healthy. So i didn’t have high expectations at first but I take the minimum amount of pills required and I feel a pump every single time and lots of energy. Plus I am leaner than I’ve been in a long time and my muscles have grown so much. And I am way stronger. The strength and size I’ve gained in 6 weeks is insane. Highly recommend.
  2. Quality
    Works great!, using Plasmagen nitrate for 2 weeks. Great pumps, muscles increased, just great!
  3. Quality
    Top Shelf
    Plasmagen nitrate is great! I took it along with mesomorph for two cycles and achieved better vascularity than I had when I was in my twenties. I lost quite a bit of that "veiney" look after about three weeks off but I'm about to start it back up in about a month and I am looking forward to the pump.
  4. Quality
    Good product! A must have!
    Was recommended to me by a friend. Within a week of taking the product. Immediately start seeing change in my body composition. Looking alot leaner and and feel alot stronger. Can't really say too much about a pump like most reviews I have read, but then again I have been sleeping only 4 to 5 hours a day. Would definitely recommend anybody that wants to improve their lifts and overall appearance.
  5. Quality
    good product
    this gives me plenty of energy and makes my workouts more intense. i like it!

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