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Activates Your Bodies Natural Fat Burning Ability!

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Activates Your Bodies Natural Fat Burning Ability!

The Applied Nutriceuticals research team is proud to introduce Lipotrophin-AM, the most effective thermogenic available. Period. This highly effective formulation was developed through our extensive research into nearly one-hundred different ingredients currently used in various weight-loss products on the market, along with an in-depth analysis of the potential benefits of several newly discovered compounds. Lipotrophin-AM is the result of that research. Lipotrophin-AM contains metabolic activators that boost energy levels while reducing physical fatigue; improving general body coordination and mental focus.

This unique formulation accelerates the process of lipolysis (fat-burning) by increasing cAMP, a biochemical messenger that signals cells to commence the fat-burning process. cAMP also drives protein kinase and hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) to become active, breaking down triglycerides in fat cells into fatty acids, which are then metabolized by mitochondria into fuel in a process called thermogenesis. Additionally, Lipotrophin-AM promotes the release of adenosine receptors in the brain, resulting in the increased levels of norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is extremely important as it signals receptors in the brain that trigger the release of metabolic energy from fat cells. In a nutshell, Lipotrophin-AM gets your body to turn fat into energy!

Lipotrophin-AM induces another dynamic and hugely beneficial biochemical mechanism. L-Dopa is converted in the body into the hormone dopamine, which stimulates the pituitary's secretion of natural growth hormone (GH). GH directly mobilizes fats from deposits and inhibits the formation of new fat cells by blocking their ability to divide. It also helps stabilize blood sugar levels and plays a primary role in triggering muscle hypertrophy through a variety of mechanisms; all of which contribute to synergistic effects of this amazing product. Lipotrophin-AM attacks fat cells from yet another angle; by stimulating thyroid production of T4 and its subsequent conversion to T3 - two powerful hormones that play a direct role in increasing your metabolic rate. On top of it all, by maintaining consistent blood sugar levels (especially in the evening) Lipotrophin-AM helps prevent those dreaded late-day hunger cravings that can ruin an entire day of otherwise healthy dieting.

Another benefit of Lipotrophin-AM is that it is an extremely effective appetite suppressant. It curbs hunger and cravings through increased CCK, a hormone that works with the central nervous system to signal satiety. It also allows less fat to be digested by slowing the release of pancreatic lipase, which is an enzyme that digests dietary fat that would otherwise be stored as adipose tissue (body fat). On the contrary, Lipotrophin-AM increases the use of fat for fuel over carbohydrates, so you burn more fat and store less, while feeling less hungry. Lastly, Lipotrophin-AM is a powerful anti-catabolic; it helps you maintain and grow lean muscle that is often sacrificed when dieting due to elevated GH levels. Regular use of Lipotrophin-AM will shift your body's energy source from using glycogen and protein to using fat for fuel instead. This helps preserve skeletal muscle, which would otherwise be relied upon more heavily for fuel without the use of Lipotrophin-AM. The result is a leaner, stronger, healthier you.

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