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ALRI HumaPro Tablets

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HumaPro-The Perfect Amino Acid Ratio Matrix For Human Protein Synthesis! 501% Great Lean Mass Than Whey Protein! Available In Both Powder And Tablets!

The Perfect Amino Acid Ratio Blend For Human Protein Synthesis!


Why Are You Flushing Your Money Away? Is your protein more anabolic than catabolic? As usual at ALR Industries we are pushing the envelope in product formulation for those who want real results not hype. So lets start with the first fact that is going to change an industry and start more fights than Helen of Troy. Your protein sucks and its not my fault. Please do not misunderstand me. There really are some well designed and researched products available from companies like Progenex with brilliant people like Dr. Scott Connelly and of course some of the creative and high quality proteins from good companies like MHP. But there is an inherent flaw in most proteins available on the market: They were not made for humans.


I Know We All Want Great Calves But We Are Not Calves


You are not a cow so why are you drinking cow proteins like whey and casein? Last time you had human protein was when Mom made it fresh for you. Cows milk protein is about 80% casein and 20% whey. Human milk protein is about 40% casein and 60% whey. There is no doubt that human whey is superior for human utilization at birth. As a baby grows breast milk proteins change until the ratio is about 50/50.


So What's the Big Deal?


Lets start from the source: Human milk whey protein is dominant in alpha-lactalbumin and cow milk whey protein is dominant in beta-lactoglobulin. Whereas alpha-lactalbumin has been studied well for validation associated with increased immune factors to disease, allergies, increased mineral absorption and growth factors specific to humans, beta-lactoglobulin has been associated with the exact opposite. Its for cows, what were you expecting?

In short that gut bloat is not just extra calories anymore than the excess gas you assumedly avoid sharing with friends and training partners is a supposed side effect of an anabolic environment. Gastronomical distress is not new to cow protein utilization by humans. As I said, you are a human so there should be little shock here. Immune issues will slow or stop growth and recovery while increasing cortisol production. Sometimes decrease in immune function can even lead to Immunotoxicity, but certainly rare in regard to proteins sources.


But Whey Has a PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) of 104,Right?


Okay, BS. Since you cannot exceed 100% this is already a little silly. PER is a false method for evaluation of a proteins actual utilization in building new muscle tissue. What is the definition of PER?

A biological assay of the quality of a particular protein, measured as the gain in weight of an animal per gram of the protein eaten. The PER ratio is not used so much now, but until 1991 the PER was the legally required way of expressing protein quality for nutrition labeling in the USA.
Many still use it today. Bottom line is that no matter what you add to or fraction in whey protein from cows, its still from cows and not designed for humans.

Um, protein (such as cow whey) with the incorrect ration of amino acids specific to human physiology utilization results in stores of fat as well, so basing a proteins efficiency ratio on weight gain is obviously idiocy. A far superior method of assaying a proteins anabolic (muscle building) value and actual utilization in lean mass is Net Nitrogen Utilization or NNU. The very highest quality whey protein has a NNU of 16-17%. So this means the other 83-84% can be stored as fat, burned as calories, or hit the toilet. 83-84% catabolites is not a healthy or lean mass promoting percentage. The lions share goes by way of the latter BTW. So when you pay $20 USD for a pound (454 grams) of high quality whey protein powder you actually get about 77 grams of protein with an NNU near 100%. The rest hits the toilet for the most part. Good investment, huh? Kind of a crappy one in my opinion.
Want to add insult to injury? As we continue to ingest high levels of protein the amount utilized lessens over time. So whereas you were once utilizing 17% of that 100-200 grams of whey ingested daily it can drop to as low as half that over a prolonged period of high protein intake. What happens then? Even more body fat and toilet trash.


So What is Humapro?


Humapro is a patent pending one of a kind protein matrix that we started working on in 1998. Humapro starts with a specific vegetable origin 8 essential amino acid (EAAs) formulation that takes into account the exact HUMAN enzymic conversion of, and utilization rates for, all amino acids the body needs for optimal health. Did you know that if you removed even one of the EAAs from your diet for the day your body would use none of the protein you take in? Okay, for lean mass growth that is. The human body will use the insufficient protein to make glucose, if needed, certainly store some as fat and give you plenty of me time in the bathroom to deposit the lions share. So an exact ratio is paramount. Why? The human body makes literally thousands of amino acids from the 8 EAAs so they must be in the right ratios for the right conversion rates. Enlarge the chart below to get an idea of just how complex this metabolic miracle is and a better idea as to why the correct ratios results in a nearly pure anabolic complex.


The Protein


We nanosized certain EAAs so all 8 EAAs pass through the GI and into the body at the same rate to assure that all 8 EAAs are present at the protein receptors at the same time. If they arent, you again limit anabolism potential. We did this for maximal results and to allow for a immediate release ingestion to assimilation time of 20-25 minutes depending upon your GI track. Oh, did I mention that Humapro has a caloric count of 0.4 calories per gram? Regular proteins have a calorie value of 4 calories per gram. Talk about no waste so you have a tighter waist! Think about how much more healthy food you can eat to stimulate growth, performance and health whether dieting or increasing lean mass.


The Extended Time-Release Proprietary Anti-Catabolic and Insulingenic Matrix


Next we formulated an extended time-release anti-catabolic and insulingenic matrix from bitter melon and a specific coffee bean extract to assure serious inhibition of lean mass loss while significantly increasing cellular up-take of nutrients. This affect lasts for up to 12 hours so all of your other meals are ingested in a high lean mass nutrient up-take, low catabolic pro-anabolism environment. I guess I should mention that the matrix has two powerful antioxidants as well.

Oh, but insulingenic compounds inhibit fat loss and increase SHBG. You know, that protein that binds and makes useless your sex hormones like testosterone? More SHBG means less in short. Well, we at ALR Industries do not do kitchen sink formulas! The fractional extraction process we worked on for the last 4 years creates a series of insulingenic compounds that are lipolytic meaning they inhibit fat from feeding rather than increase it. This allows Humapro to act as a repartitioning product as well in favor of lean mass low fat augmentation by everyone. By the way, the insulingenic matrix we created also does not increase SHBG like natural or medical insulin does.

Oh, and yes its true that many anti-catabolic compounds decrease joint and connective tissue lubrication but ours doesnt. Instead of inhibiting the production of cortisone (supports and maintains good joint and connective tissue health) like many so-called anti-catabolic compounds, we inhibited the non-essential increase in cortisol. As a rule the body sees stress like training, long work hours, a pissed off significant other or dieting as a trigger to increase cortisol which in turn decreases lean mass, hinder performance and slows recovery. It also doesnt do anything good for our cardio vascular systems or organs. The way this occurs is predominantly through conversion of cortisone to cortisol. Personally I would rather recover faster, perform better and be in a pro-anabolic environment with healthy joints and connective tissue.

This means Humapro is the ultimate foundation or sole protein source for mixed, keto or even high carbohydrate diets. No other protein has beaten us yet! Cool, huh?


The Nutrient Co-Factor Matrix


Last we added the correct human ratio of the vitamin and mineral co-nutrient factors for complete utilization of protein.


  • A 99:1 Anabolic to Catabolic Ratio complete protein
  • Anti-Catabolic Support
  • Enhanced NNU and Cellular Nutrient Up-Take
  • Nutrient Repartitioning That Starves the Fat and Feeds Lean Mass
  • A decrease in growth/recovery limiting Myostatin (No joke)
  • The Best Protein Source on the Planet


Humapro can also be utilized synergistically with Chaind Reaction Ultra Volumize, Chaind Reaction Ultra-Keto, Chaind Reaction Ultra Endurance and/or Chaind Out.  The only question left is do you want to perform better, lift more, recover faster, be healthier, be leaner and grow faster or hang out in the bathroom?


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    Humapro Strawberry Kiwi is awesome!
    I use Humapro in the mornings if I have to go fasted. Humapro is a great source of protein and amino acids. Amino acids have been proven to increase performance and endurance, so I make sure to take it daily in order to reap the benefits. The flavor I used was the Strawberry kiwi, it’s a good flavor, but make sure to dilute it because it is potent! Good stuff, great for fasted training.
  2. Quality
    Humapro saved me
    I have been using Humapro for over 3yrs. Back in 2012 I was diagnosed with Gout due to increasing protein intake too far during contest preparation. I had to make changes quickly without sacrificing hard earned muscle. So I cut out 2-3 shakes per day and added Humapro. Never had another issue with flareups and I broght the best conditioning to the stage at that time. The taste is amazing and mixability isn’t bad (sometimes there are a few grains that don’t dissolve). All in all I would suggest this to either supplement protein in a bulking phase or in place of protein in a cutting phase.
  3. Quality
    ALRI Humapro
    Ok, I'm a pretty dedicated lifter, five days for the past four years. Now I have tried a lot of BCAAs; xtend, dymatize brand, intrabolic, size on, unchained, applied innovations brand (pffff), most bulk powders, there are other brands but it's not important. What is, is this products effectiveness to combat soreness and help recovery, because that's the sole reason we use these products. This amino powder really does help in the aid of recovery and has given me muscle fullness that I was not expecting, it's nice when we finally find that product where results are noticed. Is it the Holy grail, will it give you a unicorns dxxx, or turn you into that freak beast that shoots test? No, you won't be a magical being - but you will find a powder that does what it says, and no stomach bloat. Use it minions.
  4. Quality
    Amino Acids Profile
    Love the amino profile for Humapro. If you want to put on lean muscle mass, this is the amino acids formula to take.
  5. Quality
    Man this true protein
    I love you my humapro it works really well and is full of branched chain amino acids. thank you a one supplements
  6. Quality
    Great product
    I use this both during training but also find it helps digestion when taken after meals.
  7. Quality
    Humapro is easy to take|Easy to digest especially after a workout and before your after workout meal|Humapro is digested and used efficiently in the body|Great taste|Everyone I talk with that uses Humapro gives it a thumbs up rating
  8. Quality
    The best Amino Acid
    I use this product before and after my work outs..|I feel like I'm on the early Pro-hormone days supplements!!|I see nothing wrong with it I'm off the pre-work craps and the deadly pro-hormones this stuff is great when you stack it with a good protein source and Creatine
  9. Quality
    protein of the future
    Great product!! Follow direction too the T and see the results. Strong like Bull!!
  10. Quality
    Great product
    This is an outstanding product. All the benefits of whey....but better and more of them. And for bloat. And I have seen incredible gains while using this.

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