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Super Fuel Substrate With Biphasic Stimulant Technology!

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Super Fuel Substrate With Biphasic Stimulant Technology!

Intense training sessions require two key elements: focus and fuel. Ever try training on a low carb diet? Flat, de-motivated, and the endurance of a race car with just fumes in the tanks. Defibrillator-like doses of stimulants and amino acids alone do not provide the essential substrate that fuels intense and lasting workouts. Focus without fuel is a short-lived exercise.

Voltagen is the first pre-workout to combine proven doses of the most effective stimulant-caffeine-with the unequaled fueling and insulin-spiking speed of university proven Vitargo SubstraStim technology.

Vitargo is a patented, university proven sugar-free
carbohydrate that moves through the stomach and enters the blood at double the rate of the fastest genetic carbohydrate: maltodextrin (a homopoly-saccharide). Translation: bloat-free, super-fast fueling, and a lightning quick insulin spike response-the gateway to muscle blood flow and fullness. Vitrago's delivery of fuel substrate to the brain and muscle supports intense training, that endures. Coupling this with Voltagen's unique, biphasic caffeine stimulant drive matrix turns up mental focus and intensity, and minimizes the painful crash that often follows "exotic stimulant cocktails".

Voltagen also includes university proven CarnoSyn beta-alanine, which when used consistently, improves power, strength, and maximal endurance. Voltagen also provides the branched chain amino acid L-Leucine, to support amino acid use as a minority fuel during intense workouts. Voltagen: Focus. Fuel. Fullness. Alpha Helix!
  1. Alpha Helix Voltagen

    This product does give you the pump you need to which is great. However after reading the ingredients I noticed the caffeine levels are way too high. it recommends two scoops as a serving with 295mg of caffeine. I only used ones scoop and i felt like my heart was going to jump out my chest. The stuff left me jittery for hours.The second time
    I used it I only took 1/3 of a scoop (1/6 of a serving)
    and it wasn't as intense, but I still felt jittery. I would not recommend this product to someone who is caffeine sensitive. I'm not caffeine sensitive and this stuff still kicked my butt.

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