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5-Stage Male Testosterone Optimizer! Increase Bioavailable Testosterone By 284%, Decrease Growth-Limiting Cortisol & Inhibits Estrogen Build-Up!

5-Stage Male Testosterone Optimizer!






The impact of increased Testosterone is undeniable. Every professional athlete and hardcore gym rat knows that jacking up their Testosterone will add pounds of thick, hard muscular mass, get you cut, striated muscle and crank up your intensity and aggressive drive- in the gym or on the field.




TestoFX: Optimize your workout with the World's 1st Testosterone Amplifier. Every stage in the 5-Stage Male Testosterone Amplifier (5MTA) process accelerates you to achieve mind-blowing intensity you never thought possible.

1: CORTISTRATE-II (Anti-Cortisol/Pro-Testosterone Complex)
As Cortisol increases, Testosterone decreases. CORTISTRATE-II primes a pro-testosterone environment by reducing Cortisol levels by 32% over 24 hours. Don't let chronically high Cortisol devastate your Testosterone. Elevated levels of the stress hormone Cortisol negatively affect plasma testosterone levels.

Patented technology, combined with gold-standard research shows remarkable decreases in Cortisol, but also dramatic increases in serum DHEA of up to 32%!

2: TORODEX (Free Test Amplification Blend)
Promotes Lutropin (LH) production and is clinically proven to almost TRIPLE biologically active 'unbound' Testosterone levels within 12 hours! Unbound Testosterone is the only form that can activate Testosterone receptors for increased muscle growth and strength. TESTOSURGE drives your Bioavailable Testosterone level up an amazing 284%. Even better, total testosterone increased 376% within 12 hours! Gold-standard, placebo controlled clinical research has confirmed what you will feel, core ingredients push your Testosterone to the edge and beyond!

3: TESTOLOCK (Testosterone Receptor Sensitizer)
Increase your Testosterone receptor affinity. TESTOLOCK pushes Testosterone to a whole new level. Damaged or deformed receptors don't work. TESTOLOCK is a dual-phase blend that spares receptors from Free Radical damage and increases receptor membrane health. Net result, healthy receptors lock Testosterone for maximum impact.

NEW! 4: NOVALDIM (Anti-Estrogen/Anti-Aromatase Compound)
NOVALDIM blocks Aromatase and down-regulates Test to Estrogen conversion. Secondly, it dramatically enhances metabolism of Estrogen, reducing active Estrogen to inert, inactive forms. Research has shown that NOVALDIM works to actually lock up and block estrogen receptors!

Block potential negative effects, DIHYDROZATE is the last stage in the 5MTO process. It protects you against potential negative effects. You want the benefits without side-effects. Rest assured, TESTOFX LOADED works with your body and completes the process with two, high-potency protective organochemical phytoextracts.

New NOVALDIM, exclusive to TESTOFX:
From an anabolic point of view, the level of free testosterone rises in the blood with use of NOVALDIM. The mechanism behind this is that 2-hydroxy estrogens (otherwise known as "inactive estrogens") have a greater binding affinity for the blood proteins that "lock up" testosterone in the blood. Thus, these plasma binding proteins instead latch on to 2-hydroxy, leaving greater levels of free testosterone.

The 2-hydroxy estrogens promoted by usage also increase testosterone synthesis through another mechanism. Estrogen, even more than testosterone itself, incurs a negative hormonal feedback loop to the pituitary gland, where the rate-limiting gonadotropin for testosterone synthesis, luteinizing hormone (LH) is synthesized and released. What this means is that high blood levels of estrogen, as may occur through aromatization of free testosterone, turns off the release of LH from the pituitary gland.

The addition of TRIBX90 (the 90% saponin, high-potency Tribulus) works to increase this, but NOVALDIM adds even more fire power to ensuring LH is being released. This leads to a vicious biochemical cycle characterized by an imbalance between Testosterone and estrogen in favor of the latter. These events, however, are nullified by 2-hydroxy, which doesn't provide the negative feedback message to the pituitary induced by estrogen. The net effect is greater Testosterone synthesis in the Leydig cells of the testes, as well as lower levels of bad estrogen and all the effects that go with it.

  1. ALLMAX Nutrition TestoFX

    I’ve been using for two weeks. As my title says, meh. I’ve seen not felt anything from this sup. I won’t buy again.
  2. ALLMAX Nutrition TestoFX

    It works
    I've been using TestoFX from ALLMAX for a month. I started feeling a considerable difference within the first week. 2 weeks later (3 weeks in) I began to stack Alpha King (Force Factor) to this great blend and I've been unstoppable since then.
  3. ALLMAX Nutrition TestoFX

    Huge energy! Very good test supplement!!!
  4. ALLMAX Nutrition TestoFX

    far a head than any other related product in the market.
    thanks allmax. Its natural, it's pure, it's effective and trust worthy testosterone Supplement.
  5. ALLMAX Nutrition TestoFX

    Top Of The Chart
    I am taking this testo fx supplement straight up with no add ons and this product is a true showcase for AllMax. I have tried many of their supplements and they are all true to the name ALLMAX. I will continue to take AllMax supplements over any other supplements. Keep up the purity and quality, and you will have a customer for life.

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