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ALLMAX Nutrition Creatine Krush

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For Rapid Increases In Muscle Strength, Size, & Power! Dramatic Increase In Creatine Uptake & Immediate Post-Workout Anabolic Effect!
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For Rapid Increases In Muscle Strength, Size, & Power!


2,500 mg L-GLUTAMINE; 250 mg RIBOSE; 100 mg C-O-P

Rapid Increases in Muscle Strength, Size and Power
New KRUSH LOADED is total Post-Workout Muscle Therapy. Rapid increases in size, strength and power in a convenient and delicious post-workout Fruit Punch drink. KRUSH LOADED has less than half the sugar of old-school formulas with a massive 5 grams of state-of-the-art PharmaFuse™ Creatine. If you’re looking to build a lot of muscle fast, then read on. KRUSH LOADED has the answer you’ve been looking for.

Are You Missing the Most Important Muscle Growth Opportunity?
What every bodybuilder worth his salt knows – shortburst, high intensity, heavy resistance training that gets results also rapidly depletes muscular energy stores (glycogen). This leaves you in a depleted state. If you don’t supercharge your muscles with a rapid infusion of carbs immediately following training, you miss the most crucial opportunity for powerful growth and total recovery.

KRUSH LOADED speeds the replenishment of muscular energy stores. Following the wrong advice (or “advices,” as Arnold would say) of those preaching “no carbs” like it was a religion will seriously compromise not only your gains, but also your capacity to fully recover and hit your next workout with a full battery. Even worse, trying to recover without carbs will put you into a catabolic muscle-wasting state faster than Mr. T can say “I pity the fool!”

Why Aren’t You Making Gains in the Gym Like You Should Be?
Research study after research study confirms that not taking advantage of this critical 30-minute post-workout timeframe to administer quick-absorbing, fast-acting carbs severely damages your ability to completely recover. Ignorance of this knowledge will cost you muscle! You will slip into a state called gluconeogenesis, where your body literally steals protein from your muscle tissue to make the carbs you failed to consume; this is a scientific fact.

I can just hear the brainwashed banter now, “But I’ll get fat if I eat carbs?” No, no, no, no and no. Was Michael Phelps fat on his 12,000 calorie a day diet? No and no again. If you sit on your ass all day and eat Twinkies, you will get fat. However, (and pay attention here) getting into the gym and lifting heavy, heavy weights for an hour or more will seriously and rapidly deplete your stores of energy. Consuming rapidly absorbed carbohydrates in liquid form will initiate the replenishment of energy your body is screaming for.

KRUSH LOADED has gone one step further. We included multiple carb sources shown in research to more effectively replenish depleted muscular energy stores. What’s more, ALLMAX’s Phased 5-Source carb glycogen replenishment technology rapidly increases glycogen synthesis.


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  1. Quality
    Works Great !!
    I've been taking this with the get huge bundle pack. This has definitely helped with the muscle soreness and recovery. I take this as a post workout.
  2. Quality
    Krush pump-
    I am seeing gains in the couple weeks using Krush- I take it pre-workout, as I always have with Creatine. I get more stoked and pumped during my workouts; sweat more and become quite a bit more vascular. I cycle on a supplement for a few weeks and upwards of a year without. This is the only thing I am using currently-
  3. Quality
    Besides having an awesome deal with the BOGO, the product is actually really good. Great post workout shake to help stay full, recover, and doesn't taste half bad. Recommend for anyone looking to gain some size!
  4. Quality
    Pretty Good
    Pretty good product. Bought it for the buy one get one free which is a really good deal. Has carbs and creatine in one so I do not have to mix them individually. Everytime you mix it there seems to be a lot of pressure in the shaker cup so be careful when you open it, sounds like you're popping a cork.

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