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ALLMAX Nutrition Carbion+

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AllMax Nutrition Carbion - Delivers A Reliable, Sustained Energy Source To Power You Through The Toughest Training! Infused With 4 Key Electrolytes: Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium & Sodium!
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ALLMAX NUTRITION Carbion - High Performance Carbohydrate Drink! Electrolyte Infused!




New CARBION+ has taken hydration to a whole new level. Not only is it the best tasting, most refreshing drink you’ve ever tasted but it will improve your training and deliver better results. You need carbohydrates to fuel your muscles and delay the onset of fatigue.


CARBION+’s phased delivery carbohydrates will maintain your blood glucose levels longer so you don’t crash and you can keep going longer and harder at a higher level of performance. When you sweat, you lose electrolytes as well as water.


If your levels of electrolytes drop too far, performance suffers. Increased levels of highly absorbable electrolytes in new CARBION+ will ensure you stay hydrated so you can retain and utilize the fluids you are consuming. Additionally, the absorption blend in CARBION+ helps to initiate the uptake of blood glucose into cells, meaning more actual fuel in the muscle.



More Refreshing – CARBION+ has been reformulated with a highly soluble carbohydrate blend that mixes easily and results in a clear, refreshing, incredibly delicious drink that will crush your thirst. A perfectly balanced blend of multiple forms of electrolytes has eliminated the salty, metallic taste often associated with high electrolyte levels so each sip leaves you feeling refreshed and your thirst quenched.


Better Hydration – The electrolyte blend has been ramped up with more of the 4 key electrolytes that you need to stay hydrated during intense exercise. In addition, the source of these electrolytes has been optimized for improved absorption. Utilizing bicarbonate and citrate forms in addition to the more typical chloride forms results in improved absorption as well as improved taste.


Fuels Improved Performance – The Phased Delivery Energy Blend was designed to provide fuel for your entire workout without the energy crash associated with sugar based sports drinks. Tests performed with high performance athletes during training has confirmed up to 50% improvement in stamina as well as a reduced perception of fatigue.


Faster Recovery – Most athletes understand the importance of protein for recovery but the importance of carbohydrates is not as well recognized.



REFRESH – When we decided to reformulate Carbion+, one key objective was to make it a great tasting, refreshing thirst quencher. Making a performance hydration drink refreshing is harder than you might imagine. Sugars are too sweet to be refreshing when consumed during extended exercise and often cause gastrointestinal distress. Many good sources of carbs are not naturally soluble in water, making them thick, viscous and cloudy. Adding electrolytes often results in too much saltiness and a metallic taste.


Team Allmax was up to the challenge when we created new Carbion+. It has been reformulated with a highly soluble carbohydrate blend that mixes easily and results in a clear, refreshing, incredibly delicious drink that will crush your thirst. Cyclo-D is an engineered carb that is designed to be essentially tasteless and highly soluble by breaking down long chains into highly branched cyclic chains and our Per4orm maltodextrin blend is agglomerated to make it more soluble. A perfectly balanced blend of multiple forms of electrolytes has eliminated the salty, metallic taste often associated with high electrolyte levels so each sip leaves you feeling refreshed and your thirst quenched. Energize your taste buds and conquer your thirst with new Carbion+.


HYDRATE – You need to provide your body with an adequate supply of electrolytes to maintain specific bodily functions, so you can perform at your peak. Electrolytes are essentially salts that can carry an electrical charge. The cells in your body rely on electrolytes to control cell membrane stability and to carry the electrical charges needed for muscle contractions caused by nerve impulses. Without electrolytes, the cells in your body couldn’t communicate with each other or perform these essential functions. Both normal body function, and athletic performance, are severely compromised if adequate levels of electrolytes are not present. One of the most obvious signs of electrolyte loss is muscle cramping, but cramping is your body’s last warnings that it cannot continue normal muscle function without electrolyte replenishment. By the time you feel cramping, your performance has already been diminished for some time.


Carbion+ is now infused with all 4 key electrolytes, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium, at higher levels than previous versions to keep up with the demands of hard working, high performance athletes who want to work at their limits without worrying about their body failing due to sweat induced electrolyte deficiencies. In addition, the source of these electrolytes has been optimized for improved absorption. Utilizing bicarbonate and citrate forms in addition to the more typical chloride forms results in improved absorption as well as improved taste.


For example, the absorption of sodium chloride is very low, so only a small portion of the sodium from your typical sports drink is actually being used by your body. Intestinal absorption of sodium chloride and potassium is even worse as exercise intensity increases. On the other hand, sodium citrate is highly bioavailable and it has been proven to help increase the absorption of fluids and other electrolytes.



PERFORM – In the end, it’s all about performance. You take supplements to improve performance and that’s what Carbion+ will do! Carbohydrates are the most effective and readily available workout fuel you can take. Properly supplemented, they provide a highly stable and reliable energy source for optimal performance. Your body has 3 possible sources for energy – glycogen stored in muscles, blood sugar and fat. When your body runs out run out of glycogen, it will look for the glycogen in blood sugar. If that’s depleted and not restored, then it will try to burn fat. Fat burns much slower than glycogen and as a result you will have to slow down as your body waits for this energy conversion. Dramatic drops in performance occurs as the supply of energy can’t keep up with your demands. You must constantly replenish blood sugar by supplementing with carbohydrates to maintain performance!


Carbion+ will continue to fuel your muscles throughout your workout, enhancing stamina and maintaining high levels of performance. The Phased Delivery Energy Blend was designed to provide fuel for your entire workout. There is no sugar added so you won’t get the crash associated with most sports drinks. Before Cyclo-D, you had only 2 options to get the glucose your body needs to fuel your exercise – simple sugars or long chain complex carbohydrates.


Simple sugars are very sweet and are slow to leave the stomach, resulting in gastrointestinal distress and stomach discomfort. In addition, because dextrose is a simple sugar, it does not need to be broken down any further so hits the blood stream all at once, providing a single rapid spike in glucose for a quick hit of fuel followed by an equally rapid crash.


Long chain complex carbohydrates like Waxy Maize are great in theory, but not in practice. These complex carbs move quickly through your stomach so you don’t get the stomach discomfort and gastrointestinal distress and were thought to be absorbed in the small intestine. However, further research has shown that the complex crystal structure that is not easily broken down by the enzymes in your small intestines and made even more difficult during exercise as the function of you digestive enzymes is blunted during exercise. Long carbohydrate chains are hardly soluble in water and are also hardly broken down in your small intestine. So, although they get there fast, they cannot be absorbed and as a result provide limited energy (similar to uncooked rice). The poor solubility also results in an unpleasant thick, murky solution and drinkability issues.


So, simple sugars are too fast and long chain complex carbs are poorly absorbed and therefore are not converted to energy. The solution – medium chain maltodextrins and engineered carbs where the toughest bonds are broken leaving medium-long chains with bonds that are easily broken down by the digestive enzymes in your small intestines.


Cyclo-D is an engineered carb that is designed to be highly soluble. Long chain carbohydrates are broken down into smaller chains with bonds that are easily further broken down in you digestive system. Cyclo-D has been shown to increase time to exhaustion by as much as 50% and test subjects consistently noted feeling less fatigued when taking Cyclo-D. Next best to Cyclo-D is maltodextrin (or Dextrin polysaccharide). Carbion+‘s Per4orm employs 4 different chain lengths of maltodextrin to provide a steady, phased supply of energy to your body. Maltodextrin is a long chain, although not as long as Cyclo-D, so it will move quickly through the stomach (but slower than Cyclo-D) and is still well absorbed into the blood stream. So your body will start using the energy from Cyclo-D first and then as it starts to run out, the Per4orm blend will arrive and be available for use. Finally a small inclusion of Waxy Maize and Coconut Water Powder are added to bring in a last hit of energy as the others have been depleted. Carbion+ delivers a reliable, fuel source to power you through the toughest training.


RECOVER – Most athletes know that protein is extremely important post workout but carbohydrates are just as important for recovery. During intense exercise, your muscles use glucose and glycogen for energy. There is a point at which blood glucose levels (available energy) and glycogen levels (stored energy) get so low that intense exercise can’t continue. There just isn’t enough available energy for your muscles to use so your body secrets cortisol – this is your body’s “stress” hormone and it has very catabolic effects. What cortisol does is eat up muscle tissue for protein and convert it into glucose. The net result is a loss of muscle tissue. Post workout supplementation with Carbion+ can help prevent this.


The athlete’s body has one primary goal in mind after each workout and that is to replace glycogen storage. Consuming carbohydrates during and post workout increases plasma glucose and insulin concentration, and makes it possible for the body to resynthesize glycogen at a higher rate. If you don’t have enough carbohydrates post workout, your body will crave them all day. Your body is programmed so that if you don’t eat enough of something, it will demand it. Eating more carbohydrates as part of the recovery meal will serve three purposes: 1) replacing glycogen storage, 2) providing essential nutrients to the athlete’s body, and 3) making the athlete faster/stronger over time.


An added benefit of supplementing with Carbion+ post workout is that it will also help improve the effectiveness of your protein, further aiding recovery. Cyclo-D, combined with BCAAs has been demonstrated to result in higher blood leucine levels compared to BCAAs alone or BCAAs with glucose. Cyclo-D has been shown to be more effective than glucose in reducing inflammatory stress.




One of the common reasons people avoid carbs like the plague is that they’ve bought into the hype that carbs make you fat. Hopefully, you’re past that, but it’s worth getting into. You know who doesn’t avoid carbs? Every top level bodybuilder, top coaches and trainers, elite MMA athletes, endurance athletes and the list goes on.


The key distinction here of those who should and should not consume carbs is one of who does and who does not have control of their diet. If you are consistently consuming simple sugars, eating over-sized meals and not expending sufficient energy with some form of training, carbs are not for you!


On the other hand, if you do have a degree of control over your diet and you are training with sufficient intensity; then carbs are not only a good idea, they are a MUST!


One of the effects that frequent training has on the body is an increased number of insulin receptors on muscle tissue and an increase in their sensitivity. This is your body’s way of Nutrient Partitioning; that is, shuttling nutrients to active muscles and away from fat stores.


Hard working muscles morph their physiology to consume more energy in the form of glucose (blood sugar). Limiting calories stunts this process. On the flip side, increasing the consumption of well-timed carbohydrates, protein and essential fatty acids will not only increase the proliferation of insulin receptors, but also increase your metabolism.


Put simply, training hard increases your ability to uptake larger amounts of nutrients like glucose out of the blood plasma. In essence, like a sponge, muscles that are routinely trained hard increase the amount of energy the can and will consume. Contrast this with a couch potato whose receptors decrease in number and sensitivity. Any additional nutrients beyond their already full glycogen stores will shunt to fat storage.


The moral of this story is, if you train hard and you eat right, make absolutely sure that you are providing your body with the highest quality carbs. Starving muscle tissue that is primed by training to take up glucose in abundance will hurt your training and lower your basal metabolic rate.



Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    This product does not taste good and will not completely mix with water in my shaker bottle. I had to take a paper towel and fire hot water to get the small chunks (deposits) that were like chalk off the side of my bottle so i could use it again. Will not buy this product again in any flavor...
  2. Quality
    Good Stuff
    I've been using Carbion for the last few weeks and it works well for what I needed. I train at 5am and eating before training is near impossible. I combine Carbion with amino acids to provide energy and prevent catabolism. Carbion provides sustained energy for the 1-1:15 training sessions and I feel far less spent afterwards. My dosings alternate between one and two servings depending on the body part(s) that day. My only complaint (if that) is that it doesn't mix well, so be prepared to suck down the sludge.
  3. Quality
    Good stuff
    Been wanting to try Carbion and am not disappointed. Taste is amazing and I feel fuller after my workouts
  4. Quality
    Excellent post workout base
    I like to mix this with my BCAA's and creatine post workout. I feel the carbs very fast and it seems to be a good delivery for the creatine while getting my glycogen stores back to a non catabolic state.

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