AI Sports Nutrition Micronized Creatine

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Promote Muscle Growth Through Cellular Hydration!

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Promote Muscle Growth Through Cellular Hydration!

Yes! We are finally carrying a bulk Creatine product! I know you are excited! We are too!

Creatine is a product we felt we had to bring to our line. It is the most effective, most researched ergogenic aid in the world.

Creatine has been shown to be effective at increasing lean muscle mass, muscle strength, and muscle performance.

Creatine is naturally occurring in meat and can be found in other food sources as well.

Creatine has been found to:

  • Promote muscle growth through cellular hydration
  • Promote recovery
  • Optimize protein synthesis
  • Enhance energy reserves
  • Tips for improving your results from Creatine monohydrate!

Dose for your body weight. Studies suggest you should dose 0.03 grams per kilogram of body weight. For a 200 pound individual, this equates to 3 grams per day. Loading is not necessary, but is an option. Stay properly hydrated. Stack with AI Sports Nutrition Beta Alanine for a great combination!

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