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Increases Testosterone, NO Levels & Overall Performance!

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Increases Testosterone, NO Levels & Overall Performance!


  • Better Erections
  • Sexual Potency
  • sex drive Booster


Very rarely does a supplement come to the marketthat is as efficient as DAA. DAA, an all natural testosterone booster, is capable of raising testosterone levels by 42% in only 12 days. The dose used in human studies, shown to boost testosterone is the dose we have put in our DAA product. So you get exactly what you need!

How does DAA work? It works by increasing the levels of Luteinizing hormone in the body, which has a corresponding effect of increasing testosterone levels.

What else can DAA do? It can boost dopamine, and GABA levels, as well as possessing the ability to enhance nitric oxide production.

All in all, you
are getting a very fast and potent increase in testosterone levels, as well as accompanying increases in dopamine and GABA, all while increasing nitric oxide levels. Add these abilities together, and you get a very potent combination capable of causing drastic increase in lean body mass.


Product highlights:


  • Increased testosterone
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased strength and vascularity




Q. What is the dosing protocol for DAA?

A. As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules 1-2 times daily.

Q. How long can I take DAA.

A. We suggest 4 weeks on/4 weeks off.

What can I take with it?

It would stack very well with other testosterone boosters that don't contain DAA already, i.e. TestoPRO or Stoked.

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  1. Quality
    Fueling the body one drink at a time!!
    Take one serving in morning. Take one in afternoon. Easy to mix in any of your favorite drinks or put right in protein shake! Only downfall is that it has a rocky feel as it goes down!
  2. Quality
    Definitely felt a difference
    Took about a week to notice a difference but it definitely improved my stamina and recovery. I take the DAA per their studies-3 grams once a day 12 days on 6 days off.
  3. Quality
    Good Boost
    used with no explode.. good results
  4. Quality
    great buy
    Add to anything u drink.|Just dump in mouth n chase with water
  5. Quality
    DAA Review
    I'm planning on checking my T levels to verify it's working
  6. Quality
    i would by other products from this site
    awesome speedy easy
  7. Quality
    I would buy this product again
    I started my day out my taking a scoop upon waking on an empty stomach and another scoop with my ZMA an hour before bed. Took about a week before I really noticed the increase in sex drive and strength but once it kicks in you will notice it. Taste could be better but manageable. I plan on buying another batch.

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