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Helps Lower Body Fat!

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Helps Lower Body Fat!

Alpha lipoic acid is a disulfide molecule that has been dubbed "the universal antioxidant," since it has the unusual property of being both a powerful fat-soluble free radical scavenger (like vitamin E) and a water-soluble free radical scavenger (like vitamin C).

Alpha lipoic acid plays a vital role in energy metabolism
and the body's utilization of glucose. Research indicates that alpha lipoic acid might benefit diabetes, brain health, inflammation, and even age-related conditions.

How much alpha lipoic acid should you take?
No RDA for alpha lipoic acid currently exists. Alpha lipoic acid appears to be generally safe in doses of up to 1800 milligrams, although individual tolerances may vary.

  • Glucose Disposal Agent
  • Helps Lower Body Fat
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Energy Enhancer
  • Glucose Utilization
  • Anti-Oxidant

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