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Advanced Dietary Formulas Neutralize - Drink Smart! Never Drink Without It! Acetaldehyde Is The Most Harmful Metabolite Of Alcohol Consumption!
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Drink Smart! Never Drink Without It!


We understand that the average supplement consumer has been deceived many times when it comes to supplements and their efficacy. We spent 3 years formulating Neutralize, and we believe in our product so strongly we are willing to give out free samples to prove to our future customers that Neutralize works.


Never Drink Without It


Neutralize reduces acetaldehyde, which is the main carcinogenic metabolite resulting from alcohol (ethanol) consumption. As a matter of fact, a key ingredient in Neutralize reduced acetaldehyde by 100% after 50mls of alcohol (ethanol) was consumed by human subjects compared to placebo.


Neutralize was developed for consumers that are ambitious, health conscious and still want to have fun. Neutralize will not prevent intoxication.


How It Works


Ethanol, the molecule present in various alcoholic beverages, exerts its toxicological effects both directly and indirectly, via oxidation to a metabolite, acetaldehyde. This conversion/oxidation of ethanol to acetaldehyde occurs via alcohol dehydrogenase. Once acetaldehyde is formed, it is further oxidized by yet another enzyme, acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, into acetic acid.


Because much of the toxicity associated with ethanol ingestion is caused by acetaldehyde, utilizing a formulation which can effectively increase oxidation of acetaldehyde, could potentially reduce the toxicity normally seen.


In a human clinical study in which a key ingredient in Neutralize was given to a group of men 1 hour before and 1 hour after ethanol ingestion, acetaldehyde concentrations were significantly reduced at 1, 2 and 3 hours post-ingestion, compared to control. At 1 hour, acetaldehyde levels were approximately 100% lower relative to control.


In another human clinical study, humans administered a key ingredient in Neutralize 1 hour before and 1 hour after ethanol ingestion, demonstrated a reduction of acetaldehyde levels by approximately 1/3rd. Taurine is known to be a potent inducer of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase activity.


Interestingly, in animal models, data indicate that both ethanol and acetaldehyde are responsible for decreased protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. Thus, it may also be possible that a supplement containing these ingredients which help reduce ethanol and acetaldehyde concentrations after alcohol ingestion, may mitigate the harmful effects of alcohol upon muscle.


Q & A

Q: What if I forget the first serving within an hour of my first drink?


A: Take Neutralize as soon as you remember.


Q: What if I forget to take the final serving within an hour of my last drink?


A: Take Neutralize as soon as you remember.


Q: If I forget to take any Neutralize until after my last drink, should I take both servings?


A: Yes, in cases where you haven’t taken Neutralize until you’ve finished drinking, take 2 servings (6 capsules) at once.


Q: Will Neutralize increase tolerance to alcohol or prevent intoxication?


A: No. Neutralize helps support your body’s normal acetaldahyde elimination process.


Q: Will Neutralize prevent liver injury associated with alcohol consumption?


A: Neutralize is not intended to treat or prevent any disease.


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